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Fighting a cold - 11 ways that make you feel better

Every once in a while, we catch one: a flue, a cold, a sore throat.

While usually it only takes a few days and the worst will be over, there are a few things we can do to speed up the process and feel not as miserable during the recovery stage:

1) rest & sleep

#1) no phone, no tv, no book

#2) allow your body to relax and recover

2) sweat it out

sweat floats out toxins from within


3) stay hydrated

the body is working hard during this time, fuel it with what it needs


4) alkalize your body

add baking soda to your water (however only when you have some food in belly!!)


5) ginger for a sore throat

#1) in hot water as a tea

#2) add in foods

#3) chew on a piece of raw ginger root


6) drink herbal tea

#1) coriander seeds tea (ayurvedic remedy)

#2) ayurveda teas: Paspangu, Samahan

#3) thymian tea


7) wash it away

#1) take a shower. listen to your body if the water should be cold or warm

#2) take a relaxing bath

8) nasal cleansing

#1) neti pot

#2) ayurvedic drops / sniff sesame oil


9) listen to calming music & wear comfy clothes

try to make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as possible


10) soothe headache with essential oils or ayurvedic balm

#1) apply on temples and wrists

#2) apply to pillow cover


11) nourish your body with vitamins, minerals and simple whole foods

#1) warming soups and foods (examples: porridge, veggie soups, steamed greens)

#2) listen to your body – what does your body really want?

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