the ulimate morning & evening routine for better health

Morning (and also night) routines really got in style over the last few years.

There is an endless amount of books, articles, speeches, videos, podcasts, online courses… about this topic. – making it almost seem like it is the new secret weapon to success. Are morning routines yet another trend or do they bring real benefits along?

Either way, wouldn’t it be whopping to do a few simple tasks every day and therefore raise the possibilitiy of having a successful & good day while working towards your goals?


Let’s dive deeper and look at what a morning routine really is, why you should have one and what should be included.



  • what is a morning / evening routine?
  • why should I have a morning and evening routine?
  • what should be included in a morning / evening routine?


What is a morning, night routine?

Put in a few and simple words, a morning routine is a repeated system of habits that are performed upon waking, usually before starting your daily tasks like going to work or to school.

As the name suggests, a night routine is essentially the same as a morning routine, just done the opposite time of the day. Therefore a night routine is a set of actions performed at night; about an hour before going to bed, to finish the day in a gentle, calming and productive way.


Why should I have one?

Both – a morning and night routine – are great tools to give you time to focus on your goals and next steps. They allow you time for yourself as well as preparing you for the day ahead or the well deserved sleep at night.

They make us feel more in control of everything – which allows us to focus on what really is important and reduce stress levels.

A morning routine sets the pace for the upcoming day. Starting your day off in the right way is going to set the tone, pace, and energy for the rest of the day.

It is said to be essential for a successful life.

An evening routine helps us to wrap up our day and aids us in getting an amazing night’s sleep.


What should be included?

Following I will share my morning and night time routine with you. Off course a routine is something personal and must fit into ones life in order to do its benefits and be maintained. Therefore feel free to alter and change according to your life and preferences. A routine must always feel good – listen to your gut feeling.


Morning 🌞
  1. get up with the sunrise
  2. no phone / wi-fi immediately
  3. oil pulling
  4. 🦷Bathroom: tongue scraping, wash face (with neem), brush teeth 
  5. make your bed
  6. oil massage with coconut oil: feet, ear, head
  7. drink 1/2 L warm water
  8. hot lemon & ginger
  9. workout / move my body (incorporate twisting exercises – yoga)
  10. breathe: 3x breath of fire & 3x kapal bhati 
  11. dry brush
  12. shower (hot-cold)
  13. breakfast  (literally break the fast. Have you tried intermitted fasting yet?)


Throughout the day…

  • remember to drink enough water!
  • avoid procrastination, but rather work with single focus on your tasks (whatever they may be) – I created a blog post about how to get more done


  1. 1/2 L water, 30 min before food
  2. dinner (before 8pm)
  3. hot lemon & ginger to help digestion
  4. 🦷brush teeth & wash face
  5. clear up at the end of the day – write your list with the top 6 priorotized things for the next day. It exists a proven method that helps to get more done
  6. 10 minutes gentle yoga
  7. 🧘‍♀️5 minutes meditation
  8. 15 min Read
  9. bed (before 11pm)



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