Let’s get to know each other…

About yettoreveal:

Yet to Reveal was founded by the Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach Sarah.

Her goal is to share the philosophy to spread love and peace while living a life in harmony with the world and our bodies through an abundant plant-based lifestyle. 

Yet to Reveal is about revealing health and happiness on our individual journeys through life by creating balance from within: 

  • Developing a healthy relationship with food through intuitive eating 

  • Adapting lasting and healthy lifestyle habits 

  • Honoring your bio-individuality – eating right for your body type 

  • Getting your body moving with yoga flows – connecting your body and mind 

  • Healing your body from the inside out by eating a well balanced plant based foods that fit your body type (based on 1000s of years of Indian knowledgeand nourish your body 

About Sarah:

I’m honored to get to know you!

My name is Sarah and I am the creator of this online place called yettoreveal.

If I had to describe myself in only a few words, I would choose to do so:

I am a certified yoga teacher.

I am a holistic health coach.

I am a blogger.

I travel around the world.

My more in depth personal story would go something along these lines: Early on I realized that I wanted more than a regular job, where I had to go in to work in the mornings, leave about 9 hours later, probably crawl in front of the TV and repeat the very same cycle the next day.

I always had many ideas, many interests, many goals and many visions.

I wanted to travel the world, make an impact, do something meaningful, and feel happy & excited every day – have you heard of the saying “find something that gets you so excited you want to jump out of bed every morning”?. Well, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

But as I grew up, life turned out to be stressful; time was flying, I needed to make decisions, save money, pay my bills, create my future and had to decide what I wanted to do with my life for real.

More and more intensely I could feel how I wanted the exact 2 opposites of a long line – living in a cabin in the woods with little money, as well as living in a fancy apartment in a huge city (those were real wishes at some point haha :)).

As all the people my age around me seemed to figure out life, I began to struggle even harder. I was so confused with what I wanted – and how should I ever achieve anything if I didn’t even know the direction I was heading into?

None of the jobs out there seemed to be for me…

And so I decided to walk my own path – step by step.

I decide on the direction, the pace and the next step!

With time I figured out a way to master myself through life, learning and spending more time in the areas that fascinate and interest me, and avoiding the ones that suck my energy.

I began my journey with a year abroad. I wanted to see the world, meet new people, learn a new language and experience another lifestyle. I definitely didn’t return as the same person.

I then went to India to participate in a yoga teacher training and became a certified yoga teacher. Again I was able to reveal and establish completely new sides within myself.

I realized that health was a huge passion of mine, and so I enrolled in an online program to become a certified health coach. Once more I learned new things about myself. I kept changing and growing into a person with more confidence and even more ideas and dreams.

But the part within me that wanted to travel the world wasn’t satisfied yet. I decided to work as a flight attendant, so it will be my job to see the world 🙂 

You only live once, right? 😉


It is up to us – completely up to us – how we live that one life. We can either chase and actually live our dreams, or keep dreaming about them.

It is never too late to change and become that person you want to become & would love to be!

Follow your passions, interests, ideas, intuition and never stop exploring and learning ✨


Never forget how amazing you are!

All yours,

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