Why vegan?

Veganism is becoming bigger and bigger. Vegan restaurants seem to sprout up everywhere, vegan labelled products can be found in every supermarket and even on social media it is widely spread. Some people say it is just a trend and eventually fade away – I however don’t think so. When I became vegan some of […]

FAQ || vegan talk

Questions answered AllFAQ FAQ – I don’t like animals, so why stop eating them? FAQ, health, helping others, lifestyle, our planet, vegan FAQ – I don’t like animals, so why stop eating them? First of all I have to ask you: are you really really sure? I personally do know some people who claim to […]

17 days through Sri Lanka

Even though Sri Lanka is “just an island”, there is so so much to see and do, that 2 or even 3 weeks are no where near enough to explore and do it all. But who says it was the first or only time to visit? 🙂 No matter how long you will stay on […]

Chicago Travel Guide

  My body being used to European time (most of the time), I often wake up in America quite early (usually around 3 or 4am). I don’t know what it is, but I love the feeling of being awake when the rest of the world still seems to be asleep (is it only me?) So […]

My top 6 travel tips

These days I am lucky enough to travel on a regular basis and get around quite a lot. With this, a lot of packing and unpacking, destination research and planning comes along the way.   The first few times I was horrible lost – it took me hours and sometimes even days to fill up […]

One day in Mumbai, India

If you happen to travel through or to Mumbai and only get to stay for a few hours, that’s still amazing! I mean even though it’s not a lot – and India always always has something to explore and discover – a bit of it is still better than none of it 🙂 As always […]

2 choices in life

The other day I came across a picture that really caught my attention. It got me thinking and wouldn’t let me stop pondering about its meaning. I really want to share this massive thought with you, as I believe that so many of us can truly benefit from this:   We ALWAYS have 2 choices […]

RECIPE || Pumkin Pasta

During fall when the weather gets cold and my body is craving some grounding, cooked food, this pumkin pasta gets me going a looong way.   Print Pumkin Pasta Course Dinner, Lunch Prep Time 5 minutes Cook Time 25 minutes Total Time 30 minutes Servings 1 person Author Sarah Gluschke Ingredients 1/2 onion 1 clove […]

RECIPE || Sushi

Vegan Sushi – what should be in there? Plain rice? No no no… This yummy recipe is definitely one of my favorites to make: super delicious, gluten-free, vegan and simple!   Print homemade, plant based Sushi Course Dinner, Lunch Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 20 minutes Total Time 30 minutes Servings 1 person Author […]

RECIPE || fruit muesli

Starting the day off right with a fruit muesli. Nourishing your body with the right things first thing in the morning is the first step towards an amazing day 🙂   Print fruit muesli Course Breakfast Prep Time 5 minutes Servings 1 person Author Sarah Gluschke Ingredients 1/2 cup oats 1 handful buckwheat sprouts 1 […]

Traveling Paris – tipps

  See a lot, do little: The bus line 72 is almost like a hop on, hop off/sightseeing route. If you are tired of walking, hop on at the next station and enjoy the views and sights you’re passing by. Bad weather: During the time we visited Paris it was really cold and rainy/snowy. We […]

3 perfect days in Paris

At first Paris seemed so huge and really overwhelming – only 3 days, and so much to see and do… But really all the major sights are quite central and located in a walkable distance to each other.     Sacré Coeur I suggest doing this as one of the very first things upon your […]

Vegan in Shanghai

Funnily I can’t even say if I found it hard or easy to be a vegan in Shanghai. But I guess if I think about it, I would say: there are places where it’s way easier to find vegan food choices. Maybe if you have a little bit of practice and routine of what to […]

Impressions of Shanghai, China

  My first trip to China should be a few days stay in China’s largest city: Shanghai. All the other destinations in Asia I have been to were hot and humid, but looking at the temperature of Shanghai, it was hardly above freezing point – I had no idea what to expect. So I packed […]

Miami Beach

Miami is the perfect place for those who look for a place full of sunshine and warm weather all year around.   Depending on how much time you have, it might be a great idea to rent a car and leave Miami downtown to explore the beautiful areas around it. But if you only have […]

Los Angeles

My first time to the West Coast of America should be limited to a stay of 48 hours in Los Angeles only. But as I like to say: A little is better than nothing. While I was preparing and planning for this trip, I read some articles and blog posts online, and also asked around […]

The benefits of meditations

Why do people do meditations? What do those who do, gain from sitting in silence? What impacts does this habit have on us – our brain, our body, our relationsships… our life?   The other day I watched an amazing documentary titled “the healing power of meditation“. Even though I already meditated on a regular […]

Grenoble || France

Day 10 was the last day of our France Tour. We already started the day before to make our way up north, back home.  We put Grenoble as the last city to visit during this stay.  Again, before we arrived we had no idea what sights there were, what the absolute must visits were or […]

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie || France

Stop 2 on day 9 was another beautiful town that got an award to be one of prettiest towns in the Provence. By accident we once more arrived during the perfect time (still during the morning hours) while the market was still in full swing – they usually start packing up at around 1.30 pm. […]

Pont du Gelates || France

As soon as we had finished our real refreshing morning swim (we were hoping we could somehow safe the coldness of the water for the rest of the day where the temperatures hit the 36 degrees Celsius mark – but didn’t work for some strange reason haha) and the simple breakfast right on the shore, […]

Les Salles Sur Verdon || France

Pretty much straight across the lake from the spot we stayed the night from day 7 to 8 on our travelling through the Provence there is a small town called Les salles-sur-Verdon. With not being super interesting itself (besides maybe the ticket store where all kinds of tickets can be purchased), there are lots of […]

Gorges du Verdon || France

Being so sick the day before, as fast as it came it suddenly was all gone over night, and I felt like a newborn 🙂  We got up early and continued our journey towards the stunning Gorges du Verdon, also known as the Grand Canyon of France. The river Verdon made its way through massive […]

Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon || France

We continued our journey to the east towards the lake Lac de Sainte-Croix, which is a really really beautiful, turquoise lake (at first it looks like you just arrived somewhere like Bora Bora or something like that – haha well maybe that’s a little exaggerated, but it really is magical).  Serpentine streets lead down into […]

Lourmarin || France

We visited Lourmarin on day 6 of our travels through France, and certainly could feel some kind of exhaustion which is why we took it easy that day and only visited two cities. After a really nice and long break we made it to Lourmarin during the evening hours – we found that this is […]

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence || France

Sometimes you just need to trust your gut and let things happen… and the craziest things will occur – and at some points even quite scary how perfectly things take place if you just let them 😉 After we enjoyed our breakfast with an incredible view way out in nature and towards Les-Beaux-de-Provence during the […]

les-Beaux-de-Provence || France

The next small town on our list again is seen as one of the most beautiful villages – Les Baux-de-Provence.  A “city” with its little houses and buildings built right into a rock formation and a population less than half of a thousand, there usually are more tourists inside the city walls than habitats. Until […]

Fontvielle || France

Initially we only put Fontvielle on our traveling route because we wanted to drive through the area it is located in. We didn’t research the city at all, and when we first arrived were a little shocked by how different the landscape suddenly looked like – lots of industrial fields and no trace of the […]

Pont du Gard || France

30km to the west of Avignon, tourists from all over the world are attracted by the worlds tallest roman bridge called Pont du Gard.       With a height of 48 meters reaching over 3 levels and built in only 5 years, it is not only a really impressive building to look at now, but […]

Avignon || France

In Avignon we almost spent a whole day. We arrived during the afternoon time on day 4 because we were looking for a place for a small afternoon siesta and had read that a little outside, on Île Piot, there was free parking. There certainly were loads of free parking spots, however were all of […]

L’Isle-sur-Sorgue || France

From there we chose the shortest route to another town called L’Isle-sur-Sorgue. It took us right through tiny and narrow streets, barely wide enough to fit through – exactly those kinds of routes we enjoy driving. We never plan a whole day in advance, or really know much about where to go next and what […]

Village des Bories || France

On day 4 we visited the Village des Bories as soon as it opened at 9am.   With an entrance fee of 6€ for adults it was the most money we probably spend on anything this trip (haha we’re such weirdos!) Just outside there is a great and free parking lot where you could easily […]

Gordes || France

Next and last destination for this day was a city called Gordes.    A few kilometers outside towards north-west there is the abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque. It is at the bottom and in between two mountains. Before driving down, there is a parking lot from where you can glance at the building from above.  […]

Roussillon || France

The next town on our list (we literally had a list we worked our way through haha) is called Roussillon. It is build upon and in between ocker rocks, which is why it is known for its ocker -tours, -hills and -color. It is a narrow and really cute town with charming tiny alleys and […]

St-Saturnin-lès-Apt || France

Through city number 2 on day 3, which has been St-Saturnin-lès-Apt, we planned on only driving through. But once entered I immediately fell in love and we decided to stay.   Coming from Sault you will pass right by an old windmill. From there this really pretty and tiny town starts. It offers free parking […]

Sault || France

On day 3 we woke up early. We found that during the morning hours when barely any tourists are in the cities and the shops are just about to open, there is a very special atmosphere! From Montbrun-les-Bains we hit the road to Sault, which is another small town up on a hill.    The […]

Montbrun les Bains || France

Right during the evening glow hours we arrived in Montbrun-les-Bains.  Free parking spots all around the city make it super easy and convenient to stop for a few hours. Just before entering the old historic part there is a gate in the old stone wall welcoming you into its heart:   The small town consists […]

Le Barroux || France

From there we went on the d938 north east that took us right through Le Barroux. It’s a tiny tiny town with a castle as its main and only attraction. It is really nice driving through, as it is located up on a hill. Even though the Château is privat, one is able to get […]

Carpentras || France

The 2nd city we visited this day was a place called Carpentras. Right outside the main and historical city Centre are lots of free parking spots. The car left there, we made our way towards its core! At the northern point of the city is a very impressive gateway into the part that only allows […]

Orange || France

On day 2, our stop 2 and city #2 was a town called Orange. Coming from the north on street N7 we were taken directly by a beautiful and very impressive building called Arc de Triomphe. They must have just recently remodelled the whole city completely new and build a parking lot right next to […]

Valence || France

On our first day in France we made our way to Valence, which is the „gate to the area of Provence“, and therefore the northern point of Provence.   The city resides right next to a river, and just as many of the old towns do, also has a city centre with all the major […]

An interview with an Indian shop owner – Gita’s story

During my stay at Agonda beach I met a young lady who owned 2 shops along the only street that led through the little town. She was known among the visitors and travellers for her good prices. Gita and her husband run the two shops with such joy and honest smiles that I wanted to […]

What do others say about … Veganism

I personally love looking and reading through quotes. They are wise words by someone who put a lot of thought into expressing something meaningful in only just a few letters. Some inspire, others make one start thinking, and others again are funny. They are written about all kinds of topics: food, relationship, money, life, diets, […]

FAQ – What do vegans eat?

This is probably the most asked questions I hear when I tell people I am vegan. People still mistakenly believe that since vegans don’t eat meat, cheese or eggs, they eat what is left; the lettuce and a tomato on the burger, the side dish at dinner, or a banana while everybody else is enjoying […]

City Travel Guide – Corniglia

  When taking the train to Corniglia, town #3, passengers arrive at the train station a little outside and below the actual city.   A walkway, which then turns into stairs, leads up the hill through beautiful scenery.   The effort and sweat of walking into the city is paid off the latest at the […]

Tenerife – what is it like?

Tenerife is neither a country nor a state – it is one of the islands west of Africa that belong to Spain.   Language This is pretty obvious, but I still want to mention it just for completeness. The language spoken in Tenerife is Spain. Yet a lot of the people who live there – […]

City Travel Guide – Vernazza

Cinque Terre town number 2 is Vernazza, a very beautiful and charming little city. Even though it is very touristic and crowded it maintained its charm and beauty.   The steep and narrow serpentines can’t be driven all the way down into the city. Cars have to be parked either in a parking lot – […]

City Travel Guide: Monterosso

  Continuing to drive from Levanto, the first of the 5 towns that together are Cinque Terre is Monterosso. Small serpentines lead down to city #1, and actually allow tourists, and all kind of travellers, to drive down all the way – which is not always the case in all of the other cities. Once […]

City Travel Guide: Cinque Terre

  The 5 small towns which together are Cinque Terre are a very popular photo scene. I’m sure you’ve seen a picture of the colourful houses built into cliffs right by the ocean. Levanto and La Spezia are the cities marking the beginning and the end of the 5 towns that are only connected by […]

City Travel Guide: Lazise

  Our very first night of our almost 2 week long lasting road trip, we had spent in a parking lot right by the lake, with an avenue of cypresses, a garden with a breathtaking view and olive trees just a little before Lazise.   The next day we woke up early and as we […]

City Travel Guide: Levanto

Levanto is the city that marks the beginning of Cinque Terre, the 5 small towns with their colourful houses spread out along the coast all the way till la Spezia. The roads which lead to the city right by the ocean will make you feel like you’re driving through a jungle. All kinds of greens […]

Food in India

In a previous blog post I mentioned the huge gap between poor and rich. Not only is this division clearly visible when it comes to where people live, but also where they eat. In Delhi we have been invited to a Champagne brunch in an extremely nice and luxurious building. Once entered the complex with […]

The streets of India

Compared to Australia, European countries as well as northern America, Asia is very very different. A lot of the citizens live in poverty, streets are crowded and dirty often times, and tradition and culture couldn’t be more unlike.   Personally Asia fascinates me – with all its colors and intense smells, the friendliness of the […]

2 weeks India – what to see and do

India is a really big country and if you don’t want to spend most of your time on the plane or in a car hurrying to get to places, then I recommend to pick a part of the country and only travel through this specific area. India is just way too big to see everything […]

Travel Tips for India

Know what you want to see and experience Do some researches about what India has to offer and spend some good time thinking about what you want your trip to be like. Would you rather see the countryside, relax at beaches, become part of their traditions, or would you rather travel to the big cities […]

How to get around in Delhi

HOHO bus HOHO means “hop on hop off” and is a sightseeing route covering important tourist destination. Visitors are able to hop on or hop off at any stops along the way and visit the sights that are located on the route. From 8am till 8pm every 30 minutes a bus stops at the bus […]

16 sights to visit in Delhi, India

Old Delhi(=walled city) The lively, chaotic Old Delhi with its narrow alleys, founded in 1639, is a must to visit. Back then chic gardens, mosques and mansions as well as elegant people dominated the cityscape. Nowadays it is a pretty crowded area with a rustic charm, narrow lanes and tiny shops, and an important part […]

Transportation Cambodia

  If you aren’t planning on renting a car, or don’t know anybody who would send a driver, there are two options to choose from:   Tuk Tuk A big decision maker whether to take a taxi or ride the tuk tuk is the amount and size of your luggage. A tuk tuk is not […]

Wi-Fi or SIM card?

  First I planned on buying a SIM card with data, just to stay in touch and be able to make calls. But then I didn’t buy one the first few days (and survived 🙂 ), and asked myself: who would I be calling in Cambodia? Till then I already came around a bit, have […]

What is Cambodia like?

  Climate The Cambodian year is split in only two seasons – dry and rainy season. While it is raining every day during the months Mai till October, the country dries out throughout the rest of the year. Based on the proximity to the equator, the climate is tropical and humid with relatively steady temperatures […]

Weather and climate – when to travel to Cambodia?

  Different from Europe and North America, Cambodian climate is tropical and very humid. Based on its close location to the equator the temperature barely alternates in the course of the year, and characterizes the Cambodian year with only 2 seasons. The months from Mai till October are contingent on rainy season. This however does […]

21 pictures that make you want to visit Cambodia

Pictures say more than a thousand words, so simply have a look how beautiful this country is – and better start saving right now because by the end of the post you want to visit Camobdia 🙂                                     […]

12 travel tips for Cambodia

  Language There is definitely no need to worry about the language if you can speak and understand English – but I guess that is no problem for you since you are reading this 😉 Even though the national language is Khmer and consists of total different signs and letters, everyone’s English is good enough […]

10 things to think about before you’re off to Cambodia

  Visa Besides the flight ticket the visa is the most crucial thing you need to have if you plan on actually staying in Cambodia 🙂 Nevertheless it actually is possible to obtain your visa upon arrival at the airport or at some borders. But for those who like to have everything planned in advance […]

16 things to do in Cambodia

  The cities probably every tourist travels to, are Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. That’s exactly what I did with the only difference that I also spent one week in the very north of the country in a volunteer camp.   Siem Reap I spent 9 days in Siem Reap at 4 different stays […]

Get started as a vegan

If you got raised to eat dairy, eggs and meat, becoming a vegan for sure is a change. The shelves at grocery stores are packed with animal products, and the first few days it all might seem overwhelming and too much – or too little to choose from. However just like everything scary new, those […]

Packing list for Asia

What to consider in advance O passport O apply for e-Visa O check immunitation card O buy flight ticket O health insurance O 10 days before: start drinking artemisia tea O copy important documents   Carry-on luggage = small backpack O passport O flight ticket O important phone numbers O visa/credit card O cash (US-dollar) […]

Why vegan – for your health

The health issue is a huge reason for people to ditch all animal products. Our whole lives we get told that animal products are necessary and healthy for our body. Someone actually told me that teenagers and young adults (people under 25) who stop consuming animal products harm their bodies. There are countless of those […]

Why vegan – for the animals

  According to an APPA survey the estimated number of pet dogs and cats living in US households is 163.6 million, which means a lot of people actually do like animals. However, more than 56 billion animals are killed every year for flesh, dairy and eggs. The animals used for food are just as intelligent […]