how to make the right decisions

Isn’t that what we all want? To make the right decisions – every day, every time…


The following methods are supposed to simplify the whole decision making process.


Every night before you go to bed influde those following tips into your night routine:


Listen within

Ask yourself: “What would XY do? ”

XY can either be your role model or your ideal you – the person you want to become.


Look within

Compare yourself to your ideal you

Ask yourself these questions:

  • what do I want?
  • who do I need to be?
  • who am I now?


Zoom out

View yourself from a 3rd person view or a view from above.

Keep zooming out – your house, the street you’re in, the city, county, country, continent…. until you see the whole world.

This puts everything in perspective; you start realizing that everyone else has problems, just as big as yours or maybe even bigger. There are people not having enough to eat, not having a home, … but also people having their first kiss.


Change roles

Another way to do this, is to view yourself as a character in video game. This gives you more control over the actions you take.



Physical exercise is crucial! Our bodies are not designed to just sit around all day.

The more you work your body, the better you can work your mind as well.

And for a fun fact: it also makes you look better 😉



Through meditation you learn to control your body.

If there is an itch, meditation teaches you that it is not necessary to scratch. Over time you will learn that you can just sit with it.

It let’s you control your actions.



Before bed ask yourself the following questions:

  • what went well today?
  • what didn’t go well?

Continue by congratulating yourself for all the things well done.

This way it is more likely you will to do it again.

This technique not only enables you to identify any problems, but you’ll also know exactly what to fix the next day and you are able to track process (how close am I to my goal?)



Having a diary is not only something for girls growing up, but in fact can help everyone.

Journaling and putting your day down in writing will help with mental clarity, solving your problems, while improving the overall focus. It is good for clearing the mental clutter.





From Marcus Aurelius

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