Find YOUR reason to get up in the morning; sense of purpose every day

First of all, why should you find your sense of purpose for every day life?

The answer is, why not? Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and have something to look forward to do? No matter if it is your hobby you will do after a long day at work, or if you call that thing your work. Having something to do that you truly love is a blessing. If you already know what it is, you are the lucky one ♥


Moving on to a little more scientific answer. Having a purpose or something that drives and excites you, actually contributes to good health. Again ♥


The Japanese call this their Ikigai.

It can be translated to the happiness of always being busy. Ikigai is the reason we get up in the morning and are excited for the day. It gives a sense of purpose to every day.



If you don’t know yet what this is for you, don’t worry. It is never too late to figure it out.


Start by paying attention to what excites you. Use your states of flow to find your Ikigai. (I explained what a state of flow is in this blog post here)



Here are some questions to ask yourself that will get you thinking and moving in the direction of finding your personal sense of purpose – yahaay

Make yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable, play some soothing music, take a deep breath, begin to relax and write down everything that comes to your mind after reading those questions to yourself:



  • Which activites do I enjoy? 


  • Which ones make me forget time?


  • Which ones make me enter a flow? 


  • What do those activities that create a flow have in common? 


  • Why do these activities drive me to a flow? Are they done alone or with others? 


  • Do I flow more when doing things that require moving body or just thinking? 



Also, just worth a thought, maybe you haven’t found your thing yet, because you’ve never tried it.. Don’t be shy. Try new things, leave your comfort zone, learn something new.

If you enjoy snowboarding, try surfing. If photography is what you like doing, try painting…


Or go all crazy and try something you never thought you would ever do. Or do things you didn’t even know exist. Go out, talk to people, get it into your head and new opportunities will present themselves.



Hope you enjoy the journey,





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