Goal setting – why it’s important to have a clearly defined and slightly challenging goal

Uf.. what a giant of a topic, right?


Dreaming, wishing, hoping, making plans, setting goals, getting up early, staying up late, achieving goals, more planning, staying focused, working hard, not too hard at the same time – finding balance, letting go and moving on if it doesn’t suit you, but not too early, pushing through, fighting hard, losing sleep, but not too much – finding balance again, tears of joy, tears of frustration, getting lost, floating on cloud 7…or 10, making progress, improving, failing, making mistakes, shifting the focus, becoming better, being excited, becoming the master of your dreams, …, aaaaand the list goes on.


But let’s not make it this complicated.


Tons of people wrote tons of books on how to set goals, why to set goals and how to stay focused.

For that reason this post will be a short and brief overwiew – some kind of summary – on why we need goals, but why they should scare us a little, challenge us. Mhh what an exciting topic!


I created 2 tables that will best display what I just mentioned.

Sometimes less is more – less words, more understanding. Enjoy 😉

Why a defined goal?

vague goal

clearly defined goal

obsessive desire to achieve goal while ignoring process

  1. confusion
  2. time and energy wasted on meaningless tasks
  3. mental block
  1. flow
  1. fixation on the goal rather than getting down to business
  2. mental block

Why challenging?



beyond our abilities

  • boredom
  • flow
  • anxiety

Makes sense right?


Finding balance is the key in all areas of life. I think that makes so many things so much easier – nothing needs to be perfect, just balanced. What a relief!


Ps: All nice and good, goals are set. But how to make it happen? Working smarter, not harder is the motto here .

I put together 11 tips on how to reach and stay in a state of flow to achieve your goals.



To all the clearly defined and challenging goals,




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