FAQ – I don’t like animals, so why stop eating them?

vegan FAQ

First of all I have to ask you: are you really really sure? I personally do know some people who claim to not like animals. But, a vegan diet does not ask you to get a pet and be the best pet parent on this planet that has ever existed. It is okay to not squeak in excitement if you see a cat or dog, wanting to cuddle with them all day.

But don’t you think that every breathing creature with feelings has the right to live and not be slaughtered to death just for a taste?


Besides the moral aspect, a vegan diet is not all about the animals. For sure the poor conditions the animals get raised in and the cruel way they get slaughtered is a huge reason for most people to refuse eating any animal related products, however there is more to it than that.


If you are dead sure that you hate all animals and do not care about any of the cruelties that happen to them, let me ask you: do you then care about your health? About other humans? The environment? Our planet?

All those things are negatively affected by the meat, egg and dairy industries.

It does seem surreal what a wide-ranging impact our food choices have, but it is the sad and shocking truth.

If we continue to eat and not care like we do now, we are going to destroy our planet – including ourselves.

(I don’t want this post to be too long, so if you are curious how veganism is connected with your health, our environment and our planet as well as influencing other humans – or maybe want to know more about animal rights –  please check out my previous posts in which I dig deeper into the matter, by simply clicking on the link.)


A vegan diet does not take anything away from you. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. Give it a try, make it a challenge, and see what it does to you.

And you know; this is no “go big or go home” thing. Every step you take towards a vegan lifestyle is a good one, no matter how big.



I just want this to be very clear: I do not want to attack anybody personally with any of my blog posts. My intentions simply reside in educating and opening eyes to what really is going on. I wish I stumbled over stuff like this years ago and changed my diet earlier, so I’m simply trying to do my best in providing such for others.


If any questions about this lifestyle come up or you need help with anything, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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