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5 rules of success (by Arnold Schwarzenegger)

“Work harder and you will reach your goal” – is that really the (only) way to success?

What about “wait what life brings you”, “the best things in life will find their way you”, “life has a certain plan for you”, “wait for a sign”, …??


I’m sure you’ve heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the muscular guy with the German accent who won several Mr. Universe titles, moved from Austria to the United States during a time it was said to be impossible, became a movie star and now runs charity projects. He lived a life full of dreams and goals, he constantly chased and achieved.

In one of his inspirational speeches, he shares his 5 secrets to success. Who would know better than him, how to be successful?

Listening to this eye opening, on point, in the ass kicking and motivating speech, it most likely will inspire you to work (again) towards your goals.


Therefore I created a written summary of his speech:


1) Find your vision

In his speech Schwarzenegger states that you need to have a goal to not drift around. If you have a vision clearly laid out, it doesn’t matter how much you have to work or how much you have to struggle, because you know what the purpose is.

Always discover your vision and the rest will follow!


2) Never ever think small

Shoot for the stars. What’s wrong with dreaming big?!


3) Ignore the Nay-sayers

If you have a big vision and goals, he says it’s natural, that there will be people saying it’s not possible. There will be people saying “it doesn’t happen, forget about it”, but don’t listen! Take action and move towards your goal step by step.


4) Work your ass off

You never want to fail, because you didn’t work hard enough.

Along the lines of no pain, no gain.

No matter what you do: work. work. work.


5) Don’t just take, give something back

Tear down the mirror that makes you always look at yourself. Once you look beyond that mirror, you’ll see that there are millions and millions of people that need your help.

We all can create change.


Because the bottom line is: it is up to us. If not now, when? If not us, who?



If you want to take a look at the origninal speech in form of a video you will find it here on Youtube.

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