Lifestyle habits (that make you feel better inside & out)

Habits. We all have them. Some are good some are not so good. It doesn’t really matter what happened or what you used to do. As long as you are open to examine yourself to detect those that may harm or at least not benefit you, and are willing to replace them with ones that […]

Increasing productivity – how to reach and stay in a state of flow

State of flow. Aha. What a fancy term.. It means nothing more than being in balance – doing exactly what is needed to be done with just enough effort. Not too much, not too little. Creativity runs freely, boredom and anxiety are each on the end of the stick in equilibrium – far away from […]

Secrets to a happy, healthy and long life

Isn’t that what we all want? A happy, healthy and long life… Most of us probably don’t think about it every day, but once we take a few moments out and think very carefully, I am pretty sure almost all will come up with something similar to this, or maybe even realize they already live […]

2 choices in life

The other day I came across a picture that really caught my attention. It got me thinking and wouldn’t let me stop pondering about its meaning. I really want to share this massive thought with you, as I believe that so many of us can truly benefit from this:   We ALWAYS have 2 choices […]

The benefits of meditations

Why do people do meditations? What do those who do, gain from sitting in silence? What impacts does this habit have on us – our brain, our body, our relationsships… our life?   The other day I watched an amazing documentary titled “the healing power of meditation“. Even though I already meditated on a regular […]

The concept of yin and yang

Yin and Yang is a Chinese concept I’m sure many of us have heard of. But what really does Yin and Yang mean, and how does it play a role in our lives? Well let’s start this way: Balance in our lives, body and mind is the key component for overall health and wellbeing. Without […]