how to not give away your power

“The most common way we give up our power is by thinking we have none” – Alice Walker   The idea of giving your power away may sound like something you actively do. But instead of offering someone (or something!!) a piece of your power on purpose, it most often happens through various ways which […]

5 rules of success by Arnold Schwarzenegger

5 rules of success (by Arnold Schwarzenegger) “Work harder and you will reach your goal” – is that really the (only) way to success? What about “wait what life brings you”, “the best things in life will find their way you”, “life has a certain plan for you”, “wait for a sign”, …??   I’m […]

how to get more done (than others)

We probably all know the feeling of wanting to get a task done, but instead of working on that project, getting lost in the endless world of Facebook, your favorite book, a new series on Netflix, …   Content What makes us unproductive? Tips for handling too many ideas and feeling overwhelmed A proven method […]

how to make the right decisions

Isn’t that what we all want? To make the right decisions – every day, every time…   The following methods are supposed to simplify the whole decision making process.   Every night before you go to bed influde those following tips into your night routine:   Listen within Ask yourself: “What would XY do? ” […]

the ulimate morning & evening routine for better health

Morning (and also night) routines really got in style over the last few years. There is an endless amount of books, articles, speeches, videos, podcasts, online courses… about this topic. – making it almost seem like it is the new secret weapon to success. Are morning routines yet another trend or do they bring real benefits […]

Lifestyle habits (that make you feel better inside & out)

Habits. We all have them. Some are good some are not so good. It doesn’t really matter what happened or what you used to do. As long as you are open to examine yourself to detect those that may harm or at least not benefit you, and are willing to replace them with ones that […]

Increasing productivity – how to reach and stay in a state of flow

State of flow. Aha. What a fancy term.. It means nothing more than being in balance – doing exactly what is needed to be done with just enough effort. Not too much, not too little. Creativity runs freely, boredom and anxiety are each on the end of the stick in equilibrium – far away from […]