how to not give away your power

“The most common way we give up our power is by thinking we have none” – Alice Walker


The idea of giving your power away may sound like something you actively do. But instead of offering someone (or something!!) a piece of your power on purpose, it most often happens through various ways which we don’t even notice most of the time. By doing so, our daily life can become a struggle – we feel without energy, out of balance, lost, sad or just exhausted.

Every time someone manages to influence you in a negative way which takes away your personal balance, he or she succeeded in taking away your power – on purpose or not, it doesn’t matter.


However, it’s not always other people that may take parts of your power. Sometimes it is you – a certain way of of thinking, an attitude, or mindset may cost you extra energy.


In the end what matters is to recognize by whom, how and when your power gets taken away, so you can counteract.


Here are a few tricks to NOT give away your power:


control the way you respond

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is!


be happy

Choose to be happy no matter what. Allow yourself to be sad if you feel like it. But after a while, put yourself back together and try to make someone else smile. It’s a safe way to put (at least a little) smile on your lips as well.


don’t fear…

… your future, your feelings and especially falling in love.


nothing is absolute

Understand that karma or spiritual contracts are not absolute.



Don’t wait, act.


be present

Stay in the present – don’t get stuck in the past, don’t worry about the future.


don’t allow others to define your success

It is your journey, your path, your life. Do what makes your soul dance and your eyes glow.


let go of attachments

Let go of attachments to unimportant details and outcomes.


stop caring what others think

Stop caring what others think or would want you to to be or do. It’s exhausting and never leads anywhere.

When they tell you to stop what you’re doing and “wake up from your dreams”, I beg you NOT to stop, but follow your dreams and do exactly what YOU want!!


realize you don’t owe anything to anyone

Again, this is your life. It was given to you, so YOU can live it!


set boundaries

For yourself and others.

Setting boundaries is important so you don’t end up giving more than you have.

Respect your limits and honor your body by going step by step.


realize that you are in charge of your reality

Life is too short to live other’s people’s lives and keep wondering “what if?”. It is up to you and only up to you, to make your dreams happen. There will be no one doing the hard work for you.

But in the end there is nothing more painful than a “should have” and knowing that the only one stopping you from taking the action you always wanted to, was all along… you.

What is the one thing popping up in your day dreams? It’s time to get it!!


stop worrying HOW your dream will come true

Rather focus on what your dreams are, and march towards them step by step, day after day. And they’ll seemingly easy & magically come true.


ditch the mentality that a higher power decides who gets what

There is no predesigned life course that gets delivered with you when you’re born that states that person A will be poor, mostly sad and a looser who won’t achieve any of their goals, while person B will be able to achieve X, Y, Z. That’s non-sense! Everything in life is possible. It is up to us.


don’t rely on others to validate your self-worth

Don’t determine your happiness or self-worth on outside things. You’re a complete being that has everything it needs inside.

If you seek your validation from outside things, you’ll never be satisfied or happy.


think big – don’t let the small things get to you

If you have days where life and its challenges feel too much, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.


stop asking others what you should do
One last time I have to mention that it is YOUR life. No one else will know what’s best for you. Close your eyes, listen to your inner voice and feel what your gut feeling might want to tell you.

Understand the truth, and you will rise.

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