how to get more done (than others)

We probably all know the feeling of wanting to get a task done, but instead of working on that project, getting lost in the endless world of Facebook, your favorite book, a new series on Netflix, …



What makes us unproductive?

Tips for handling too many ideas and feeling overwhelmed

A proven method that works


What makes us unproductive?

1 – procrastination

If a task is too complex or big, it makes us feel insecure and doubtful, and we don’t know how to start.

Rather than getting started somehow, we choose to do things we’re familiar with – such as mindless scrolling through Instagram, watching a movie… you name it.

It distracts from the hard and overwhelmind duties.

Therefore just getting started is more important than a perfect outcome!


Tip #1 to get more done: gain control of procrastination by reducing insecurities and doubts

  • which achievable tasks can I do when?


2 – inefficient working

We are not able to concentrate on 2 or more things at the same time – multi focus is impossible.

It’s unattainable to focus if our attention constantly wanders off to other tasks or topics.


Tip #2 to get more done: only focus on one thing – the thing that really matters


Every time our focus gets interrupted – to check your emails or messages for example – it takes 1 minute to get your concentration back to your task. This way we waste hours!! throughout the day.


Tip #3 to get more done: put your phone on silent and turn off notifications


Conclusions: avoid multi focus and prioritize what’s really important



Tips for handling too many ideas and feeling overwhelmed

eat that frog

start with the most important yet most unpleasant task firth thing in the morning



practice saying “no”. You don’t have to do or agree with everything that comes your way. Live along the lines of less but better


Tip #4 to get more done: find a method that is simple and straightforward realizable – in the long run



A proven method that works


At the end of every day, write down 6 essential things you need to do the next day. Devide big projects into small and achievable tasks.



Sort the chosen 6 tasks by importance. 1 is the most important thing you will start with first thing in the morning, number 6 is the last task on your priority list.

This provides structure and prevents procrastination.



Start immediately with bullet one on your priority list. Don’t start with something else until it’s done! Remember to avoid multi focus


clear up

At the end of the day, fill the 6 spots on your priority list with new tasks. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t able to complete all. Step by step it the name of the game 😉



Do this each and every day. And you’ll succeed!



Good luck and happy working


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