FAQ – Isn’t it okay to eat eggs from free ranged hens?

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First of all, let’s talk about eggs in general. There are eggs that come from hens that spend all their lives caged up in tiny tiny boxes with way to many other hens. They are unable to spread their wings or do anything else they would like to do. Often times they get aggressive and start picking each other, which is why they have to undergo the torture of beak trimming. Due to intensive farming and high livestock density diseases would spread rapidly, so they instead all ingest hormones, medications and antibiotics with their food. During their whole lives they won’t see any sun light but rather are captured in dark factory halls with many hours in the darkness the keep them as calm as possible.


However, you probably are familiar with those circumstances since you already spent some thoughts towards free ranged eggs.

If those pictures we think of when we hear free range hens – where they happily pick their grains and spend their days on green meadows – were true, it would be a whole different story, but unfortunately do many free ranged eggs come from situations similar to battery farmed eggs.

The hens may not have spent their lives in caged, but in huge halls, again overly crowded, among dead bodies, diseases and everything but a happy life.


But what if you actually had a farmer close to you where you were certain that the hens live a good life and get to spend their days on meadows, or what if you even had some chickens in your backyard yourself – wouldn’t it be okay to eat those eggs?

In the context of ethics and animal welfare it for sure would be okay, but then you should be aware of the health aspect. Eggs are loaded on cholesterol and saturated fats which lead to greasy deposits that clog the arteries and narrow the way of transportation. There have been made numerous connections between the egg consumption and health problems such as elevated blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke as well as cardiac arrest.


I for myself decided to not eat eggs since there is simply no need to do so. Our body perfectly functions without eggs – even better – and in the term of baking or cooking, there are a lot of other options to replace them with.


I just want this to be very clear: I do not want to attack anybody personally with any of my blog posts. My intentions simply reside in educating and opening eyes to what really is going on. I wish I stumbled over stuff like this years ago and changed my diet earlier, so I’m simply trying to do my best in providing such for others.

If any sorts of questions occur I would happily try my best to help you with it. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact form or my email: contactyettoreveal@gmail.com


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