RECIPE || mexican bowl


mexican bowl

Servings 1 person


  • 60 gram rice
  • 2 leaves lettuce
  • 1 medium tomato
  • 2 tsp mild coconut oil


  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 handful fresh cilantro = coriander

veggie pan

  • 1/2 onion
  • 1/2 red bell pepper
  • 1/2 carrot
  • 1/4 eggplant = aubergine

tofu sauce

  • 1/2 cube tofu
  • 40 gram black beans from a can
  • 4 Tbsp tomato sauce


  • cumin
  • dry oregano
  • sweet paprika powder
  • garlic powder
  • chili flakes
  • salt


general preparation:

  1. cook rice according to packaging instruction

for the veggie pan:

  1. slice half onion, red bell pepper, half carrot, eggplant into slices

  2. heat up a pan, add 1 tsp of mild coconut oil and add veggies

  3. add a pinch of all the spices, don't cover it with a lid to let it roast, stir frequently to prevent burning

for the tofu sauce:

  1. mash tofu with a fork into small crumbles

  2. in a sauce pan, add other 1 tsp of oil, tofu crumbles and all of the spices - adjust amount according to how spicy you want it

  3. let it roast until it becomes gold brown

  4. add black beans and roast for 1 minute

  5. add tomato sauce 

for the guacamole:

  1. mash half avocado with fork until smooth

  2. cut cilantro and add it to the avocado mash

  3. also add a pinch of salt & garlic powder

further instructions:

  1. wash tomato and lettuce and cut into small pieces

  2. once everything is prepared, serve it piled on a plate:

    first rice, then lettuce, veggies, tofu sauce, topped with guacamole and cut tomato

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