2 choices in life

The other day I came across a picture that really caught my attention. It got me thinking and wouldn’t let me stop pondering about its meaning. I really want to share this massive thought with you, as I believe that so many of us can truly benefit from this:


We ALWAYS have 2 choices in life


The comic showed two men trapped in deep holes. While one guy sat depressed, sad and truly unhappy about the current situation at the bottom of the hole, the other one was scraping soil off the walls building stairs into the high wall.

The sentence underneath the photo¬†went like this: “This is about the two choices life gives every person; either you sit, sulk and dwell on how unfair life is to you, or you could try and figure out how to make the bad situation work in your favor.”


Although we might not literally be caught in a deep hole underneath the ground, many of us are confronted with challenging situations, hit rock bottom, feel lost, have set-backs, find themselves in dead-end circumstances…


While this is part of life and something we cannot change, we can change how we react and respond to it.

It is up to us: we can either decide to let this event destroy our happiness, bring down our mood and begin to see things through a curtain of negativity.

Or we can choose to accept the fact, get up, turn around, make a new plan, work things out, keep walking & acting with a sense of positivity.


When we decide to stay at the bottom and dwell on the unfairness of life, we have already given up.

Each & every second we can choose whether we give up, allow to feel lost/angry/mad, blame others and stop trying. OR whether we push harder, try another way, ask for help and use the current circumstances to change the whole situation!

Maybe we were thrown into that hole so better things could happen. Maybe not..

At first it looks dark and endless, but perhaps we desperetaly needed a break from the “old life”. Or are invited to test our boundaries. Are ready to grow. Challenged to get creative. Pushed to leave our comfort zones. …

From the bottom of the hole we cannot see what is above the ground – what the reason or the lesson is supposed to be.


And in that moment it doesn’t matter what the purpose of it all is. Because what matters is that you have 2 choices, and which one you choose!



It might not always be easy, comfortable or even possible to act like the second gentleman. But remember: you are not alone! Ask for help, find ways to outgrow the old you and watch yourself walking towards amazing and new things.





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