3 day water fast

download for free I stay away from recommending fad diets or diets in general. I am convinced that they don’t work. It is restrictive and usually connected to short term success – anything but fun or enjoyable. I rather believe in eating a healthy and well balanced plant-based diet, composed of colorful whole foods – […]

9 amazing benefits of oats

9 amazing benefits of oats Everything you need to know about oats!   What are oats? Oats are a (largely) gluten-free, whole grain. They are a great source for important minerals, vitamins, antioxidants & fiber. Oats are considered one of the healthiest grains among all the grains.   Benefits of oats 1 – They contain […]

5 fast, easy and delicious snack ideas

Lunch is over, dinner time is not here yet – it’s definitely snack-time. Here are my favorite fast, easy and delicious snack ideas:   1. peanut butter bread with banana So easy, so simple but sooooo good! Choose your favorite kind of bread (if you’re on a gluten free diet, pick up your favorite gluten […]

what your food cravings really mean

We all know the feeling of hunger and probably also extreme hunger. Been there, done that. However, feeling hungry and therefore wanting to eat something is a completely different story than actual food cravings. This raises the questions, what then are food cravings and why do we have them? Let’s find out…   Content What […]

top sources of plant based protein

Someone may adopt a vegan diet for various reasons: health benefits, animal welfare or environmental reasons. Once all animal products are left out of your diet, the question might arise where to get your protein from.. Protein is an essential part of the human nutrition and therefore important to consume on a regular basis. Read […]

10 weight loss hacks that actually work

10 weight loss hacks that actually work Isn’t that what now-a-days so many of us want? A body that is healthy within + looks good on the outside as well? Dream wishing you think – not so much 🙂 It is no overstatement that there are literally millions of theories, diets and plans, and just […]

8 common intermittent fasting mistakes

* Before going over common mistakes when following the intermittent fasting lifestyle, it is important to know WHY one would want to fast for a certain amount of hours every day. In this blog post we start from zero. We begin by getting clear what the word “intermittent fasting” actually means, why it’s said to […]

everything about intermittent fasting

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper” – is that still true or just an old outdated saying? Over the last few years the health & fitness industry has been telling us how important it is to have a big & satisfying meal to get you started for the day. […]

The big break up – Why I’ve cut out dairy!

Up to this day, dairy is still one of the most controversial topics in nutrition out there. I decided stir a little in the soup of confusion and arguments as well and share my story about why I broke up with dairy years ago… I haven’t intended to write this post to convince or transform anyone to anything. Rather,I have intended to speak about it for those who are interested in this topic; for those who look for truths and infromation and are willing to look at the topic from another point of view.  My goal is to inspire people to take care of their health and the environment around them. So let’s get started…     While for most of us milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate … were big parts of our childhood day to day life, more and more people around the world decide to “give it all up”. But why? What about the strong bones and the healthy teeth? The calming honey-milk that puts you right to sleep? Milk being a super-food? All the calcium? … and the list goes on.    Well sad truth: most of those stories that we heard since our childhood, are lies – or at least stories that try to cover the horrible reality. But what’s so horrible about the white liquid, I hear you ask. Won’t cows feel pain if we don’t milk them?    THE COW  Let’s start in the beginning – with the cow. While I don’t want to get too much into detail in this post (there are tons of scary– ass youtube videos out there documenting exactly what is happening to dairy cows on a daily basis, if you want to learn more), most of us are unaware of how the milk actually gets in the bottled containers in the store.   To get milk, a cow must be pregnant or recently been given a baby. Sadly, nothing in this industry happens naturally, so the female cow gets forcefully impregnated. Right         after she gave birth, mom and baby get seperated, as humans want the milk that otherwise the baby would drink.     These days cows are producing more milk than ever. A cow on a modern farm produces more than 20,000 pounds of milk. Per year!    The cycle of constant artificial fertilization, stealing their babies, milking till their udders bleed and ulcerate, only stops when their production decreases  due to exhaustion and they get slaughtered. Putting it in a other words: Cows are killed for dairy.    YOUR HEALTH  Let’s talk health for a second. Because that’s what we all want right? Health is our biggest wealth, and without it we have nothing. Something like that..     We’ve been told that calcium is an […]

Why vegan?

Veganism is becoming bigger and bigger. Vegan restaurants seem to sprout up everywhere, vegan labelled products can be found in every supermarket and even on social media it is widely spread. Some people say it is just a trend and eventually fade away – I however don’t think so. When I became vegan some of […]