3 day water fast

I stay away from recommending fad diets or diets in general. I am convinced that they don’t work. It is restrictive and usually connected to short term success – anything but fun or enjoyable.

I rather believe in eating a healthy and well balanced plant-based diet, composed of colorful whole foods – “eating the rainbow” is the name of the game.


So why then would I now start talking about fasting – dosn’t water fasting sound a little too extreme?

I have tried various types of fasting before and heard a lot about the water fast. I am very curious and being so fascinated by nutrition & health, I had to try it myself.


I cleared my schedule and started the experiment. 

While there are tons of experience reports out there, each water fast is different for each person.

Even though I researched before starting my fast, I realized that there are things I could do better next time. I also understood how powerful fasting could be – and also how dangerous.


I made mistakes that I want others to avoid.

I learned lessons that I want to share.

And I have tips that will make this experience easier, safer and more enjoyable that I wish I knew before.

Therefore I decided to create an ebook sharing everything I know and learned – FOR FREE!


What’s included:
  • an introduction to fasting
    • why fast?
    • how long to fast?
    • benefits of extended fasts
    • types of fasting
    • what happens during a fast?
    • who should (not) fast?!
  • why water fasting?
  • why 3 days?
  • my experience
  • my mistakes & lessons I learned
  • tips
    • how to prepare yourself for a fast?
    • how to actively detox during a fast?
    • how to break a fast?
  • conclusion

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