Why vegan?

Veganism is becoming bigger and bigger. Vegan restaurants seem to sprout up everywhere, vegan labelled products can be found in every supermarket and even on social media it is widely spread.

Some people say it is just a trend and eventually fade away – I however don’t think so.

When I became vegan some of my friends told me I now officially turned into a weirdo, but the only thing I actually turned into was a more aware person.

I have been vegetarian for over 6 years before I started to really dig into the reasons of adapting to a vegan lifestyle.

For some reason I always liked the idea of only eating a plant based diet but I never knew why people would stop eating eggs and dairy – and never took any actions towards it.

For me it tasted good and the people around me were telling me it was necessary and healthy for my body.

Back then I didn’t know that my whole life and all my beliefs would change to the better, and I never could imagine the happy life I am living now. I’ve never enjoyed and appreciated the food and meals more than I do now on a vegan diet.

Hours of researching turned into days, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into month, and I couldn’t get enough information. I’ve read articles and books, watched documentaries and movies and with every minute I devoted to this lifestyle I became more passionate about it.

I’ve managed to make my friends and family rethink their ways of eating and some of them already made the switch or are in process, but I now feel compelled to inspire more people.


Just to make this very clear at the beginning:

I can’t and won’t force you into something; I can only give you information, inspiration and bright prospects. I want to push you to think in different ways and try something new. You have nothing to lose but everything to win!

Reasons to go vegan could probably be split into 4 categories:

There are so many matters for each category that I decided to do a post on each of them so this one doesn’t get too long and you could pick the category which is most important to you, and then move on to the others if you still need more reasons 😉


Veganism is not just another type of diet. Veganism is a lifestyle; it is a spiritual journey towards understanding who we really are and how we can really connect to each other.

Ps: Even though there are already (and luckily) so many people out there getting the word out I think there will never be enough or too many! Everyone who wants to help either the planet or the other living creatures can already help a lot by changing their own eating habits, but even more by sharing their success stories, knowledge, and information and facts – anything that motivates people to rethink their way of eating. And that’s exactly what I discovered as my mission! So let’s get right into it and check out one of the 4 categories by clicking on the links.


I just want this to be very clear: I do not want to attack anybody personally with any of my blog posts. My intentions simply reside in educating and opening eyes to what really is going on. I wish I stumbled over stuff like this years ago and changed my diet earlier, so I’m simply trying to do my best in providing such for others.


I also published a vegan guide – The Veganning – that will support you on your first 30 days of veganism. It includes over 90 delicious foods, tips and tricks that will ease the transition 🙂


The Veganning

  • The Veganning