Secrets to a happy, healthy and long life

Isn’t that what we all want? A happy, healthy and long life… Most of us probably don’t think about it every day, but once we take a few moments out and think very carefully, I am pretty sure almost all will come up with something similar to this, or maybe even realize they already live such a life – lucky you! ūüôā

There are a few things we can do to increase our happiness, health and longevity – yaay, good news right?


As the Japanese say, there are 4 keys to longevity:


1 >> diet

This is very logical, if one beliefs in the concept of “you are what you eat“. Your body is literally made up of those things you put into it.

Therefore it makes great sense to eat a variety and abundance of healthy, colorful, whole foods.


Diet is a very very controversial topic with just as many opinions as people out there. Again, this makes sense as everyone is differnet and therefore has different requirements.

This also explains why so many diets fail (but that’s a topic for another day).

The solution to this is bio-individuality – a concept where what I eat, may not be necessarily good for you and vice versa.

I strongly believe in the concept of intuitive eating and listening to your body, because it knows best.


A few general, well known advices:

  • consume alcohol in moderation


  • cut down – or as a vegan would say: completely cut out – the meat consumption. (Again this is a topic for another post. If you are interested in this topic you will be able to read more here)


  • avoid processed foods


  • eat light


  • most importantly: enjoy what you eat, while you eat – be present!



2 >> regular + moderate exercise

Moderate is such a broad term. What it means is, it prefers more little every day exercise over strenuous exercise.

It might as well be put into simple and concrete words such as: yoga, stretching, walking instead of driving, gardening, biking to the places you need to go, choosing the stairs over the elevator, … It doesn’t have to be fancy, just move ūüôā



3 >> finding your purpose in life

The Japanese people also call this their Ikigai.

Something that gives a sense of purpose to every day. (I wrote a whole blog post designated to finding YOUR reason to get up in the morning excited for the day and a sense of purpose in life. You can read more here)



4 >> forming strong social ties & nurturing friendships

Many studies have shown that those with a community around them, are happier and live longer.

If you feel like it’s time to rebound your social ties or find a new community, there are lots of ways to do so: visit meet-ups, talk to stranger, attend an event of your choice, connect with like minded people, go to the places people hang out with the same interest as you…



A few more key factors in staying young and healthy while living a long life include…


  • Managing time¬†well¬†

    • it will¬†reduce¬†stress¬†which is beneficial for your overall health


  • Getting¬†enough¬†rest

    • Go¬†to¬†bed¬†early,¬†get¬†up¬†early¬†
    • Read this blog post on why the right amount of sleep is so important


  • Maintaining¬†an¬†active,¬†adaptable¬†mind¬†

    • The brain¬†needs¬†lots of¬†stimulation¬†in¬†order¬†to¬†stay¬†in¬†shape¬†
    • Important¬†to¬†expose¬†yourself¬†to¬†change¬†


  • Live¬†each¬†day¬†with¬†serenity¬†and¬†enjoy¬†the¬†journey¬†



To many more happy & healthy years.







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