Why vegan – for other people’s well being

Some of you might wonder how and in which way it benefits others if you stop eating animal products. It probably isn’t the first reason vegans list when they explain their chosen diet but definitely a strong aspect to think about!   We currently are growing enough food to feed 10 billion people and still […]

Why vegan – for the environment & our planet

The common believe that the main reason for the climate change and the huge carbon footprint is the waste gas of cars and other transportation has been stated wrong. According to United Nations Scientists, the meat industry is the leading cause of climate change, water depletion, soil erosion and most other environmental problems.   Greenhouse […]

Why vegan – for your health

The health issue is a huge reason for people to ditch all animal products. Our whole lives we get told that animal products are necessary and healthy for our body. Someone actually told me that teenagers and young adults (people under 25) who stop consuming animal products harm their bodies. There are countless of those […]

Why vegan – for the animals

  According to an APPA survey the estimated number of pet dogs and cats living in US households is 163.6 million, which means a lot of people actually do like animals. However, more than 56 billion animals are killed every year for flesh, dairy and eggs. The animals used for food are just as intelligent […]