By definition Yoga is an Indian method/philosophy/type of exercise by which awareness and tranquillity are attained. It is designed to promote physical as well as spiritual wellbeing.

Yoga is a very complex – yet simple – system that includes breath control, meditation, and the integration of body postures (=asanas), aiming for health and relaxation.

The word yoga has its origin in the Sanskrit language, and means union. Therefore yoga is the practice to union body, mind and soul.

This ancient method does not only improve ones flexibility and builds muscle strenght; it also allows a greater sense for ones body, its posture and sets the foundation for a happy, healthy life.

Through various Yoga styles it may either help us pump up, and move & positively challenge our whole body; or it enables us to slow down, connect and relax – either way, it helps release tension 🙂

Often times Yoga is just the beginning, or a piece of the puzzle, that is the kick start for overall wellbeing and happiness, by encouraging self care in all areas of life – on and off the mat.


There are some benefits practicioners are able to see and feel immediately, but just as everything in life, a Yoga practice also needs some time to settle in in order to grow the seeds that have been planted and transform various areas in life.

There is no “all or nothing”. Every Yoga session, meditation or breathing practice is a step towards a stronger, more balanced, and more connected you.

Yoga is not to be done for the sake of having it done, but rather for the sake of feeling, experiencing and being.



My Yoga background:

My very own Yoga journey started shortly before I did my Yoga Teaching Training.

I have watched many YouTube videos trying to implement what they were doing and talking about (sounds familiar to anyone? haha). I began to practice in my room every morning, following books, guides and videos, and also attended “real life” Yoga classes. But it didn’t take long and I just felt it was time for a big step forward…

And so I decided to attend a 200h Yoga Teaching Training to become a certified and registered Yoga Teacher.

My initial intention was to figure out how my body would react to a pretty intense 4 weeks of a whole new experience on all levels of my existence. I then also wanted to know if Yoga really is the “real thing” for me and if I truly liked it as much as I thought I did.

Really fast I decided on a school in India – if yoga, then back to the roots in India right? 😉 … And so I took off to a journey I had no idea what to expect from… and experienced the most beautiful, deep and energetic weeks of my life. (More on my experience in another blog post)



Ever since my stay in India, I have not only been able to deepen my own practice, but also share my knowledge and broaden my teaching skills. Each class, each course and each practice is different and reveals a whole new experience, and therefore is an amazing teacher – and not only for the teacher 😉


Here some of the beautiful moments captured:


If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to send them my way.