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Yet to reveal

Yet to Reveal is a place where  TIPS, IDEAS and INSPIRATIONS on how to become your healthiest and happiest version are shared.

I’m so happy to welcome you on this journey. Feel free to take a look around

“Life has got to be lived, that's all there is to do”

For me this one sentence by Eleanor Roosevelt describes purpose of life. Whatever it is that makes you feel like you are truly living life; do more of that. Life actually is so simple but we tend to make it so much more complicated. Find something that makes you feel alive, stop the excuses and spend as much time living your life to the fullest.

health is the foundation

life has got to be lived


what makes life valuable

and everything else

keep growing and learning

I truly believe that everything starts with health. If we are happy and healthy life is amazing and we are in love with our own life. My mission is to bring a little of that happiness and health out in the world every single day. Therefore I decided to give away 50 minutes of initial free health coaching consultation.

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