Wi-Fi or SIM card?

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First I planned on buying a SIM card with data, just to stay in touch and be able to make calls. But then I didn’t buy one the first few days (and survived 🙂 ), and asked myself: who would I be calling in Cambodia?

Till then I already came around a bit, have eaten at some restaurants and stayed at a couple of hotels/hostels. At all places I have been able to log in to their Wi-Fi.

Here a little guide about where to get Wi-Fi:


At each hotel/hostel I stayed, the Wi-Fi was already included in the price and each visitor was provided with the password at the check-in.


As well as the hotels/hostels, just about every restaurant got free Wi-Fi. Sometimes they tell their customers the password right away, and sometimes the waiter has to be asked specifically. But they are always happy to give it to you.


Some big fancy stores, like a mall, offer free Wi-Fi accessible to everyone.

But there were also a ton of tiny random shops by the roadside with a sign telling everyone they got free Wi-Fi. And by random I mean places like shacks where you buy your water bottles, or laundry places – stores you usually wouldn’t spend much time at.


I even rode on busses providing Wi-Fi. Those busses are taking tourists as well as natives through the whole country from one city to another. The whole bus ride passengers were able to use the in the ticket price included Wi-Fi.

So you see, Wi-Fi can be found everywhere; and in my opinion a SIM card would have been superfluous… and a loss of money I could have spent on fruits and clothes – which I did 🙂

So far, so good! What about the quality?

I couldn’t believe how many places there were providing free Wi-Fi; especially in Cambodia, where some roads aren’t even paved yet – but off course the store next to it offers already Wi-Fi.

Answering the question: they all provide tip-top quality. Sometimes it worked even better than mine at home 🙂

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