Weather and climate – when to travel to Cambodia?

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Different from Europe and North America, Cambodian climate is tropical and very humid. Based on its close location to the equator the temperature barely alternates in the course of the year, and characterizes the Cambodian year with only 2 seasons.

Cambodia travel tips - When to travel to Cambodia?

The months from Mai till October are contingent on rainy season. This however does not mean that it rains all day long. Besides the heavy but relatively short rains in the afternoon or evening, the sun is still shining.

Throughout this time the landscape is blossoming and turning green, ponds and lakes are finally filled with water, touristic attractions and the cities are a lot less crowded and lots of hotels have discounts and are even cheaper than they already would be.

Having said that, humidity is in fact more intense during those months – around 90% – which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Also be aware that especially the countryside of Cambodia is often flooded and very muddy for the duration of rainy season. Trekking, hiking or travelling through rural areas may rather be done in the months without rain.



The remaining months of the year fall into dry season. November till February is known as the “cool dry season”, which only means that it is cooler, not really cool. The temperature still varies between 25°C and 30°C.

March and April however are the “hot dry season months” and the thermometers display numbers between 35 or even 45°C.

If you decide to travel during this period of time I recommend starting your day early. Especially at places located in the cities it will be really hot by noon.


When is the best time to travel to Cambodia?

Commonly the best time for visiting Cambodia is said to be from November till February – those are the months it is dry but not too hot.

Yet everyone is different and has unlike preferences. Some people don’t mind the humidity, gladly take the discount on hotels and really don’t want to bother with crowds of tourists, whereas someone else would like to hike in a mangrove forest and volunteer in one of the villages. They would pick very different times to travel to Cambodia.

There really is no “perfect time of the year” – rather your interests should decide about the timing of your trip.

Make a list of things you would like to do or what is important to you, and than make a decision based on that.


Whatever time you pick to travel I hope you have an amazing time with lots of great experiences! Safe travels


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