St-Saturnin-lès-Apt || France

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Through city number 2 on day 3, which has been St-Saturnin-lès-Apt, we planned on only driving through. But once entered I immediately fell in love and we decided to stay.


Coming from Sault you will pass right by an old windmill. From there this really pretty and tiny town starts. It offers free parking all over the city – so no excuse of not taking a look 😉

The Centre is made up of cute tiny alleys and colorful houses.


Very traditionally, there is a city wall around the center and a church right at its core from where all streets are taking off.


Up the hill there is a huge area of ruins with an incredible view of the landscape. There are 2 paths leading up – one from the one side of the city, and one from the other. 

From up there you got a breathtaking view over the surrounding countryside, as well as the lake right beside.


For some strange reason there were almost no people at all, and barely any tourists.

In a lot of guides online, people are all calling a different town the most beautiful in the whole area, which makes every place the most beautiful place. But let me tell you, I seriously just found the cutest town in the whole area hehe 😉 

Super cute right?

Even though I have no right to call it the cutest, most beautiful or even prettiest city of something, this definitely is my secret tip!!

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