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As usual there is a lot more than the few things and attractions listed in a city travel guide. However I believe it is a great way to get a general overview of what to do in each city.

Some like to visit a museum or a temple, while others want to sip a drink in a roof top bar, and yet others want to spend their days in bed partying all night… Possibilities are endless and so are the types of travelers and visitors 🙂

So here are a few of the many sights and things to do while in Shanghai:


Nanjin Road

Nanjing Road is the shopping street in Shanghai. For about 5km, shops after shops present themselves and invite for a quick (or long haha) shopping event.

At night the street changes into a neon river of lights.

Personally I found it almost more spectacular at night than during the day. Aaand: all the shops here are open up till 10pm.


People’s Square 


South of Nanjin Road the large public square found its home right in the middle of the happening. With Jin’an Temple at its West and The Bund at its East side, one might to choose to get out at Jin’an Temple to cross People’s Square and walk up to The Bund.


The Bund


Along Huangpu River an waterfront area called The Bund can be found. This might be one of the most visited and must do sights in Shanghai. It offers an amazing view across the river where all the skyscrapers are located.

Especially at night the view is incredible and definitely a “should have seen” when in Shanghai 🙂


Huangpu River

Huangpu River is the largest river in Shanghai. It seperates downtown from Pudong (the skyscraper and boomtown district).

There are a few different ways to cross the large river:

  1. use a bridge: Nanpu bridge probably is the most spectacular bridge
  2. tunnel: The bund sighseeing tunnel
  3. a boat ride



Once crossed the river one will be in Pudong. As I have mentioned above, it is the boomtown of Shanghai with some of the highest towers in the world:

  1. Oriental Pearl Tower: 468m, about 20€ entrance fee, Radio & TV tower, 5th tallest building in the world + 3rd tallest TV tower in the world
  2. Jinmao: 421m, about 43€ entrance fee, 7th tallest building in the world
  3. SWFC (=Shanghai World Financial Center): 492m, about 15-20€ entrance fee, 3rd tallest building in the world
  4. Shanghai Tower: 632m, about 20€ entrance fee, world’s highest observation deck at 561m

The skyscraper skyline is one of the most famous things about Shanghai.


Yu Garden

After I have visited the garden, a local lady told me it is nice being there once, but not really worth a visit 🙂 Nevertheless I enjoyed myself there. Unfortunately the trees were dead and I was freezing cold (as I travelled there the beginning of February), but I imagine it being really beautiful during spring.

Yu Garden is a botanical garden, also known as the Garden of Happiness. In an areal of over 20,000m² small paths will lead visitors past ponds, pavilions and halls.

If you get there by metro, use line 10 and get out at exit 1. It is located in a traditional Chinese district, where orange flags swing in the narrow streets, curved tower houses to the sides and the smells of street food.

The garden is opened from 8.45am to 4.15pm and asks for a fee of CNY 30 (about 4€).

(Note: This is what I researched and figured out about Yu Garden. That being said, opening hours, fees and personal perceptions may vary or change.)



I love going to markets! I found it to be one of the best ways to get in touch with locals and get to know the country.

There are markets for everyone: from child’s clothing, fake clothes, flowers & plants, Chinese Antiques to tea markets.

I chose to visit Xinyang Market in Pudong District at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum metro station. It is open from 10am-8pm. It is an underground market where you’ll find all kinds of clothes, accessoires, suitcases, bags, scarfs, shoes, ….

Overall it is useful to know that you should bargain. They know we are tourists and ask for much higher prices. You shouldn’t be rude, but remember they would never sell anything if they didn’t make any profit.

Tip: Bring a screenshot of what you wish to buy! Even though many of the sellers speak good English, it is much easier to just show them what you are looking for.

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