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On day 3 we woke up early. We found that during the morning hours when barely any tourists are in the cities and the shops are just about to open, there is a very special atmosphere!

From Montbrun-les-Bains we hit the road to Sault, which is another small town up on a hill. 


The whole village was decorating for an event on the 15th of august – the Lavender festival. Just a little outside there is one lavender field left in the hippodrome area. During the festival people will compete who will harvest it the fastest.


The whole city is full lavender shops offering all kinds of products.


In the antique Centre, right next to the town hall and its church, a cute little shop sold organic lavender in all different forms – soaps, oil, scented small bags…

The shop owner was such a lovely and friendly women with really great English and also the one who explained to us that there were no lavender fields left (noooo – we made our way all the way down there and now they are already all harvested). Through her we figured out that there might be 1 or 2 fields left, but the best time to visit would be between July first and July 15th – during this time the fields will blossom the way they are known from postcards.


So far France has made it really easy to find great parking spots with all the free parking lots available. This town offered  lots and lots of them – so no need to worry, there will surely be a spot for you!

From there we took off to St-Saturnin-les-Apt on the street d230. On this route we found one remaining lavender field, but just as the nice shop owner told us “it will look miserable by now”.

She was pretty right – sadly the colors were not as bright anymore as used from the postcard pictures. This year it was surprisingly hot which caused many of the flowers to die if not harvested earlier than usual. However one dry field is still better than no field at all 😉


But I mean who visits the Provence and wants to see blossoming lavender fields, haha!!

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