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Sometimes you just need to trust your gut and let things happen… and the craziest things will occur – and at some points even quite scary how perfectly things take place if you just let them 😉

After we enjoyed our breakfast with an incredible view way out in nature and towards Les-Beaux-de-Provence during the sunrise light, we kept driving through the little Alps. The national park is really popular among wanderers. Through the beautiful landscape we continued our journey towards Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

Originally we thought it would be another little town with cute alleys, lovely shops and a charming atmosphere we would just drive through and call it enough..

But already upon our arrival there were cars and people everywhere, streets were blocked and everything seemed to be decorated for something very special.

Off course we wanted to know what was going on, and – I guess it was our lucky day – found a parking lot where the money machine to pay for the ticket was broken 😉

Everyone else seemed to know what was going on, and among those busy people getting the last things ready (for whatever that was about to happen), there was us, confused and with no clue.

Every person we tried to ask for more info either didn’t understand what we were asking in the first place or we then didn’t understand their French answer (that I learned French is so long ago, hehe). Eventually we figured out that on this day was going to happen THE event of the year right where we were and in only a few minutes – what a coincidence hum?!

Each year at the 15th of August the habitants of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence celebrate this holiday and organize a parade where they dress up in the traditional, very chic fashion. With music they all march through the city and at the very last, 60 huge horses in a row pull the final wagon decorated with local fruits and vegetables. It was much more impressive as it might sound right now, and definitely such a beautiful experience to witness – now I totally understand why there were that many people.


Besides the festive activities happening that day, this small town is the home to a 5 star hotel and therefore attracts many rich people. Lots of tiny shops all over the place sell very beautiful and expensive fashion items and decorations.


Final thoughts: If one doesn’t visit exactly the day of the celebrations, it is another cute and little provincial town, with tiny alleys and beautiful shops. 

Off course every village is different and each place is very attractive in its own way, but if we didn’t have that much of the time or didn’t come to the perfect time, we might have just driven through.

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