Roussillon || France

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The next town on our list (we literally had a list we worked our way through haha) is called Roussillon. It is build upon and in between ocker rocks, which is why it is known for its ocker -tours, -hills and -color.

It is a narrow and really cute town with charming tiny alleys and beautiful buildings.

However were we not the only ones who knew about this attractive place, and is rather quite busy and overloaded with tourists.

I guess the fact that so many people want to see it and not much space is available is also why parking there is pretty expensive. With 3€ per hour this has been a sky rocking amount of money to pay for parking, used to all the luxury of free parking lots in the cities before. 

However, trying to travel as cheap as possible, we parked the car right below the city on the street leading to Sault. It was completely free of charge, hopefully legal (hehe), but came with the price of walking all the way up the hill.

Once up there a view point at both ends of the city allow a great view of the surrounding lands.

Known for its ocker the town offers a Tour through the areas they used to scratch the color off the rocks. Entrance into that park is 2.50€

It’s another beautiful city said to be extra pretty in the glow of the evening hours. If you don’t mind all the tourists, you will definitely enjoy this town. And for anybody else, it still is worth a visit 😉

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