Pont du Gelates || France

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As soon as we had finished our real refreshing morning swim (we were hoping we could somehow safe the coldness of the water for the rest of the day where the temperatures hit the 36 degrees Celsius mark – but didn’t work for some strange reason haha) and the simple breakfast right on the shore, Pont du Gelates was the next “sight” on our list. 

The opportunity to view onto the lake as well as into the Canyon makes this bridge to a very special and popular spot for many tourists. 



Free parking lots on both sides make it even more attractive to step by, and maybe even spend the whole day. Boat renting, kayaking excursions and canyon hiking tours all start from there.

However is it highly advisable to come early in the morning (latest during early noon hours), as otherwise it will be really hard finding a parking spot, and the lines to rent a boat or kayak will get longer and longer.

We spotted one smart couple that brought their own floating tire, so they didn’t have to wait in the long line to rent a boat.

It is a real funny picture from up the bridge how all those tiny people in their tiny boats  make their way into the canyon (and even follow the driving rules of driving – and in this case paddling – right) 😉 

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