Pont du Gard || France

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30km to the west of Avignon, tourists from all over the world are attracted by the worlds tallest roman bridge called Pont du Gard. 



With a height of 48 meters reaching over 3 levels and built in only 5 years, it is not only a really impressive building to look at now, but an insane thought of trying to imagine how people thousands of years ago were able to plan and construct such an imposant bridge.

These days it is the most well kept aqueduct.

No matter if you plan on arriving there by car, bike or motorcycle, there are parking lots to the right and left of the river. On the right side there is a beach right by the river, and you will see lots of people walking towards the sight with their sun umbrella, sun bathing chairs, picnic utensils and bathing suits.

Both sides along the river will lead into the parking lot which means that if you want to enter, you have to pay – tried to find the hole in the fence, but there is none 😉 

The first 20 minutes of parking are “graduit”, however if you wish to stay longer there are 3 ticket groups to choose from in which the parking fee is included.

1. The first ticket group includes free visiting of the discovery areas and natural paths for 8,50€.

2. For 11,50€ one will also receive a tour on the 3rd level of the bridge.

3. And lastly option number 3 includes the museum entrance and a private visit of level 3 for 15,50€.

For many people this is one (if not the one) most amazing and most fascinating must-visit sight in the whole area of Provence.

I don’t like to put labels on anything, as every place has to offer something very unique, beautiful and special, but this antique and such well kept aqueduct is a hella beautiful and impressive building I am glad I visited!

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