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On day 2, our stop 2 and city #2 was a town called Orange. Coming from the north on street N7 we were taken directly by a beautiful and very impressive building called Arc de Triomphe. They must have just recently remodelled the whole city completely new and build a parking lot right next to the arch free of charge.


Keeping on driving towards the centre it leaves you with the option to continue left or right, where I would suggest turning left and then taking a turn right towards the street Cours Pourtoules into the parking lot Parking Theatre Antique. It’s right in the middle of the town, and again offers free parking for 30 minutes. (Somehow we managed to get a ticket out of the machine for 2 ½ hours of free parking – but don’t ask how we did that haha)


Just across the street there is the amazing theatre Théâtre Antique d’Orange which costs 9,50€ entrance per person.


However you may also walk up the numerous stairs (with numerous I really mean a lot haha) that start just across the parking lot and they will take you up to a park up the hill with an breathtaking view – which I think is even better because you see it all in one glance from all up there.


There are view points all over the park, and one in particular offers the view above the theatre. It is spectacular and definitely worth the many stairs 😉 From up there we saw everything we needed to see, which is why we didn’t pay the expensive fee to get access to the theatre.


At the south-western point of the park there is another path leading town into the city (right onto a street called Montée des Princes d’Orange Nassau).


From there we walked through a few streets here and there. The city is full of beautiful tiny houses with colourful facades.


Such a cute town, I secretly fell in love with 😉

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