One perfect day – 24 hours in NYC

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Welcome to the city that never sleeps. But only for 24 hours?.. Well, even though 24 hours in NYC is nowhere close to enough, it’s better than nothing right?!

Times Square, NYC

If time is short, you got to make to most and best out of it. There are probably a thousand different ways to spend your 24 hours in New York City, but here is one that I would love to share with you. We walked a lot, ate us through delicious vegan cafes, saw the most important and impressive sights and took a million photos – so basically we did it all right, right? 😉


Landing in Newark at 7pm, we rushed to our impressive skyscraper hotel, changed, awed at the breathtaking view of the sykline of New York City we had from our hotel room in the 10th floor, and then took off to midtown by 9pm.


Riding the subway

Just around the corner of our hotel, there was a station for the so called Path – the subway that takes you underneath the Hudson River to the other side. You can get a 2-way ticket for $5,50 from one of the vending machines.

Not knowing anthing about the subway sytem in New York, there’s probably a smarter way to handle this, but isn’t it the most important thing to arrive savely at your destination hehe 🙂 Anyway, once we left Hudson River behind and arrived in midtown New York, we changed to the subway system that took us to Rockefeller Center.


Rockefeller Center

Especially during Christmas season there is a very special atmosphere among the buildings and throughout the whole city. It seems as tourists are magically attracted by the tree located at the bottom of the Rockefeller Center building. No matter what time of the day, thousand of people are trying to get the bests spots to take a photo – and it is well worthy squeezing through the masses and getting a glimpse yourself 🙂

With the ice skaters just in front of the tree the picture perfect and so well known scenery is complete. Now thinking back, the whole 24 hours seem like a long and absolutely amazingly surprisingly real dream..!


Times Square

Yes!! This is a must do at night. Even though Time Square is impressive during any time, it is just breathtaking at night – so so many impressions, lights and people all at once..



And that’s it for that day. Full of impressions, gratitude and amazement I loved nothing more than my cozy bed at midnight 😉



My body not knowing where it was I woke up at 5pm, ready to rock the day. Opening the curtains to the NYC skyline hidden in dust and fog, the day got started the best way possible.




Once more we took the Path subway underneath Hudson River, this time riding all the way to the last stop at 33rd street. I had researched a vegan, organic juice shop called Pure Green located at 33 E 33rd St, New York. As the decision making hating person that I am (yes, it already starts with food – I know, I know..), I would have loved to just order everything off the menu and try myself through all the  different flavors of smoothies, juices and smoothie bowls 😉 Deliciously well nourished we were ready to jump into the masses of tourists


The following map is a terrible expression of my creativity trying to give you a quick overlook of that days route, but I hope it will give you a quick glimpse of Manhattans outline anyway 🙂


Empire State Building

On 34th street Empire State Building is located. Visiting the top of at least one skyscraper is highly highly advisable. It definitely is not cheap, but the price will pay off, as the view high up there is spectecular and breathtaking and will never be forgotten – I promise!

Take a look yourself..


Taking pictures in the street

That’s so cliché, isn’t it? But which city is more known for its buildings, streets, cabs and skyline than New York hug? So this simply has been a must do 😉



Bryant Park

New York has been so beautiful to us. Sun was shining, warm hearted and kind people in the streets, and off course amazing attractions everywhere you look. Here an example: While we were riding the subway, a girl close to us walked up and asked if we were tourists. She told us that Bryant Park was definitely worth a visit. Told and done, we went there.

Small stalls and shops in little wooden houses were selling all kinds of goods matching the Christmas atmosphere throughout the city.



From there we passed New York Public Library, which from the outside looks like a massive museum or something like that. It definitely is an impressive building right downtown.

Once more we took a stop at Times Square and Rockefeller Center, to see the whole spectacle during day light.



Central Park

Continuing heading north, we eventually entered Central Park. The trees glowing all red, yellow and orange, people ice skating their laps and the skyscraper in the background New York once more showed itself from a beautiful side.



From Central Park we took the bus back towards 33rd street where we then jumped back into the Path subway that took us underneath the Hudson River towards Newark.

We left the city around 4pm, so we still had enough time to pick up some food for the way to the airport, pack and get ready ourselves. But if you are a hard core tourists, please go ahead and visit the Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, China Town, Brooklyn, … or any of the other amazing things there are to do in NYC.

But there must be something left for me to visit next time, right? 😉

And that’s how fast 24 hours can pass. At 6.55pm we got picked up at our hotel, ready for the flight back home. And here I say it: those are some 24 hours I will never forget, because they were spent experiencing amazing memories.


I hope you enjoy your time in Manhattan, have a safe trip and found this article somewhat useful 😉

Talk to you soon!

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