Moustiers-Sainte-Marie || France

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Stop 2 on day 9 was another beautiful town that got an award to be one of prettiest towns in the Provence.

By accident we once more arrived during the perfect time (still during the morning hours) while the market was still in full swing – they usually start packing up at around 1.30 pm.

The many stalls had lots of beautiful offerings. From hats, soaps, olive oil, fruits, veggies, olives, sunglasses, kitchen utensils, all the way to jewelry and clothing, it all was there.


Again I would advise to get there early, as it pretty quick gets pretty hot, touristic and therefore also hard to find a free parking spot. Even though all the parking within the city are paid parking lots, there soon was not one single spot left and the whole city was full with cars. 

As the sneaky-hole-searching-cheap travelers that we are that try to find the little hole in every fence (not literally hehe), we found a parking lot outside the city boarders. On the right sight coming from the lake there is a sign behind the town informing about the parking lot. Secret tip: From there a stone path and then some not so obvious tiny narrow alleys (follow the sign anyway) lead up right into the town, which means you don’t have to walk around the whole city on the busy street.


The first impression of being a tiny tiny town soon got reversed; after every corner there was another stall, another place with more restaurants and shops, or another alley leading into another part of the village. 

A beautiful clear river is making its way through the middle of the whole town, turning the atmosphere around into an even more cozy and beautiful space.


From both sides of the center hiking trails lead heaps of tourists up to the “eglise” built into the rocks.

Even though for many the way up and down there was not only challenging because of the heat, the slippery path due to the old stones made this way more of a slide than an actual path. Therefore my tip: good shoes ease your life in this situation a whole lot! – pretty much all of us walking up or down hold on to the railing like crazy and had a speed that probably snails would have passed us 😉 

But in my opinion the trail is an absolute must: the incredible view of the city and even all the way to the lake are worth every drop of sweat and every slippery stone you come across 🙂


Within the center of the town lots of cute cafes and restaurants, with views on the river, among trees or right on the main place, make the decision about where to dine in pretty hard.

My absolute favorite super cute (and also pretty expensive) restaurant I spottet on the way up to the church in the rocks. With lots of plants, a really cozy atmosphere and no tourists at all, this seems perfect – and I joked around by saying one day I would work there 😉


To me, the city very much deserves the title of being among the prettiest villages in the Provence.

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