Montbrun les Bains || France

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Right during the evening glow hours we arrived in Montbrun-les-Bains. 

Free parking spots all around the city make it super easy and convenient to stop for a few hours.

Just before entering the old historic part there is a gate in the old stone wall welcoming you into its heart:


The small town consists of super cute and very narrow streets with old, colorful houses. 


Walking towards the historic center the cozy restaurant chez Paulette offers an amazing view, and the water there gets served directly from a water fountain – such a creative and lovely way!


Up the hill right in the middle between all the buildings is a tiny old Church. 

And as many other cities it also offers free public restroom which is really handy for those traveling in a car 😉 

The whole town is basically build on a hill which means the more you walk into its heart, the more you walk up and the prettier the view gets. It also looks really impressive from the Main Street at the bottom. 

I imagine it being great to visit all day, but especially during the sunset glow it had something quite unique!

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