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We visited Lourmarin on day 6 of our travels through France, and certainly could feel some kind of exhaustion which is why we took it easy that day and only visited two cities.

After a really nice and long break we made it to Lourmarin during the evening hours – we found that this is the best time to visit any city, as usually places are less crowded, the heat is not too intense anymore and the sun envelopes the whole city and its scenery with a golden glow.

Outside the main city there resides the old Château.

However if you want to visit and see more of the old castle than a beautiful arranged pond in its courtyard, you need to pay an entrance fee of 6,80€.

From there one got an amazing view towards all the southern looking houses and buildings.


From the historic building towards the Centre you will be taken by the temple building and some really interesting fountain – in a mysterious way there grew plants and greens out of the sculptures (I could have stared at this for hours haha)

All around the outside of the city core they offer free parking for all vehicles. And even across the meadow next to the castle there was a huge parking lot.

Again this is another town listed as one of the most beautiful places within the Provence.

And if you have read any of my other blog posts about any cities in Italy or France, you probably have read “cute”, “little”, “pretty”, “lovely”, “little town”, “narrow streets”,… a million times – but it is true for almost all of them, and yet every town got their very unique and special atmosphere that makes it attractive to visit!

So here we go; this town as well is a cute little village with charming and inviting restaurants, cafes and shops in all different kinds – for example a super small Organic shop with cosmetic articles and food items that offer everything you could possibly look for – from tamari sauce to spirulina, shampoos and creams, coconut milk to all kinds of oil, from coconut sugar to gluten free pasta – I never imagined such a tiny town to offer those kind of things 😉 

All over the town flowers, trees and cute plants were decorating the windows, doors and facades of the houses. Cars from decades ago and old buildings in cute colors finish off the bigger picture of this lovely atmosphere.

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