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My first time to the West Coast of America should be limited to a stay of 48 hours in Los Angeles only. But as I like to say: A little is better than nothing.

While I was preparing and planning for this trip, I read some articles and blog posts online, and also asked around among my friends and family who have already been there. And surprisingly it seemed as either they completely loved or totally disliked it.. For some reason there was barely a grey area in between. So for me the adventure could begin and I was even more exited to find out myself 🙂


As we were beginning to land in LA, I seriously could have cried because of joy and the beauty of nature – I’ve never seen such a breathtaking and out-of-space-looking scenery in my entire life. Red mountains for as long as the sight would reach in contrast to the blue sky let me think we were just about to land on the moon.

And as fast as the rocky landscape had appeared, it dissolved in an ocean of houses, buildings and streets. From so far up it looked like a giant parking lot with millions of cars. Eventually we were able to get a glance of the Hollywood sign, downtown and some of the beaches. It was one of the most spectacular landings I’ve ever had.



We landed around mid-afternoon at the international airport LAX, where we got picked up and taken to our hotel downtown. As time was so short we wanted to use every minute. And after the sun had settled we went up onto the 73th floor to awe at LA’s skyline from above at night.

Downtown with its tall buildings is an amazing place to get a beautiful view from high above.


The Hollywood Sign

Another absolutely incredible spot to overlook the city is from the famous Hollywood sign. After a good night sleep, we felt ready to get on one of the hiking trails up there.

In the hotel loby we asked for the best way to get there, and with a map and some more info, we started our tour. The cheapest way is to take the subway for $1.75 per ride. We changed into the Dash bus at the walk of fame, and rode about 7 minutes for only 50 cents. From the bus station we walked through the neighbourhood with such beautiful tiny houses (honestly I would have never imagined how cute and pretty most of the houses looked like!).

We chose a 2 hour hiking trail which ended right underneath the Hollywood sign. The entire time we had an incredible view!! Take a look yourself 🙂


Santa Monica Beach

Again the cheapest way to get there is with the subway for $1.75 / ride. LA is bigger than I thought – the ride from downtown will take about 45 minutes. But it is worth a visit.

We made our way there just for sunset. It was incredibly beautiful (how often have I used those two words already hehe?).

The whole entire time I actually couldn’t believe I was there – so unreal!




Pink wall / The wall with the wings / Graffiti walls

If you have Instagram or Pinterest you probably know what I’m talking about. But if you don’t, you are not alone. As we made our way to the street with the “oh so famous walls”, we asked our way around as we couldn’t find them. We went into shops, asked people on the streets and finally police officers. And believe it or not, none of them (they all worked there) knew what we were talking about haha.

Nevertheless I think it is well worth to visit those places as well. All of those kind-of-famous-walls are located on Melrose Avenue. From downtown you can take the red line subway to Hollywood Highland. From there take the metro bus 780 (Metro bus is also $1.75 per ride) and it will take you right to Melrose Avenue.


Walk of fame

Please don’t judge me 😉 but I always thought the Walk of fame would be one huge avenue where all the stars are located. But turns out, that’s not true – ooops. It rather is a pretty big areal of streets with stars. You literally could spend hours twisting your head trying to read all the names.


More attractions

Here are some more things to do in Los Angeles. But unfortunately 48 hours can pass really fast, and there is only a limited amount of things we were able to do. But who says it was the last time to visit 🙂 Here a few more things you can do while in the Hollywood area:

Beverly Hills
Venice Beach
Chinese Theatre
Universal Studios


General Information

All over the place there are some kind of public transportation opportunities available.

The subway, which connects downtown with Hollywood, costs $1.75 per ride. You once have to pay a fee to buy a so called “tap” card. From then on you are able to reload it in any subway station.

Dash buses are another great and cheap way to make your way around. With only 50 cents per ride you won’t find anything cheaper.

And finally the metro buses. I still haven’t figured out what exactly the difference between dash and metro is, but metro buses also take you around LA – however for $1.75 per ride.


Overall conclusion

Oh LA now counts to one of my favorite places. I would go there again right away. If you are planning a trip there, you are a lucky person 😉 Enjoy your trip and have a fantastic time!

Take care and soak in every moment 🙂

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