L’Isle-sur-Sorgue || France

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From there we chose the shortest route to another town called L’Isle-sur-Sorgue. It took us right through tiny and narrow streets, barely wide enough to fit through – exactly those kinds of routes we enjoy driving.

We never plan a whole day in advance, or really know much about where to go next and what to do in general, and thought we would just head into the city for a quick look, maybe some late lunch or a coffee and then look for a quite spot for some afternoon break and rest; ha – didn’t turn out like that at all:

Cars and cars and people and people were overflowing the city. There were all kinds of vehicles parking outside the city, their owners walking towards the Centre, police officers all over the place and streets blocked all around the city core. 

Soon we figured out that on Sundays there is the antique, as well as regular market till around noon – and by accident we just came to the perfect time. 

It was almost impossible finding a free parking spot, but after driving around the city for about 15 minutes debating about whether to pay the high parking fees or not, we finally found a spot in the shade of a tree in the neighborhood south-east of the Centre.

Free of charge and even closer to the markets as some really expensive parking lots right in the noon sun, we made a pretty good catch (secret tip: head into the neighborhoods south-east. It is less crowded, you will certainly find a spot, and will be able to do so for free)

Once entered its old heart, I immediately fell in love with everything I saw!


As the name already allows to guess, there is a river leading around the city, which turns it into an island.

Old water wheels, beautiful buildings and the shallow river turn this city into a magical place. 


On Sundays, knight resembling stalls sell incredibly cute and old stuff. All over the city courtyards loaded with antique furnishings were turned into cozy cafes and restaurants. Every time you turn there is something new to discover, and during Sunday mornings a live band right in the middle even offers something great for the ear!


Even though it is quite a big city, it somehow managed to keep its charme!


So far this has been one of my favorite places and on my list way up on the top of places to see.

In my opinion an absolutely must-visit 🙂

I truly recommend spending the night somewhere between Gordes and L’Isle sur sorgue and then visiting the last one early Sunday morning, before too many tourists are heading there and the shops will vanish around 2pm.

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