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The next small town on our list again is seen as one of the most beautiful villages – Les Baux-de-Provence. 

A “city” with its little houses and buildings built right into a rock formation and a population less than half of a thousand, there usually are more tourists inside the city walls than habitats.

Until the late evening hours there is car after car parked down the streets way passed the city boarders. 

I can’t tell you how much it is exactly to park within the designated parking spots as all of them were gone upon our arrival and we parked way out. If you as well have to park outside, I then would suggest to do so on the western side as it is not as far and a pathway leads right up into the center.

This super touristic and pretty crowded place deserves it in every way: 

Even upon arrival the city puts you in its awe – while still driving towards the town, its “skyline” looks very impressive and unique right in, at and on top of massive rocks, that are also known as the little alpes. 

Once up the hill and inside the village, narrow streets with small shops and restaurants offer an incredible view right from your dining table or during a stroll around the town.

Only half of the town can be entered and seen by every visitor. To see the other part in which all the old things, such as the housing buildings, defending machines, ruins, the castle as well as a museum and view points are located in, visitors need to pay an entrance fee of 10,50€.


What you can see without paying is the view point from underneath haha, an old church and some of the partly ruined buildings.

If you don’t pay to enter or sit down to eat, the city is walked through pretty quickly as it is that tiny.

And lastly my secret tip for this town:

At the east end of the city core you will leave the main area through some kind of gate and walk into the parking area. If you keep walking you will come through the resident parking lot and then eventually to a rock that just happens to be the perfect view point. 

From there you will also be able to get an breathtaking view over the beautiful provincial countryside.

Les-Beaux-de-Provence is resided in the beautiful national park Des Alpilles. From the view points you will have an amazing view towards the little Alps and the olive trees south of the mountains.

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