An interview with an Indian shop owner – Gita’s story

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indian shop owner

During my stay at Agonda beach I met a young lady who owned 2 shops along the only street that led through the little town. She was known among the visitors and travellers for her good prices. Gita and her husband run the two shops with such joy and honest smiles that I wanted to know more, and asked them a few questions:


Me: How does a normal day look like for you?

Gita: We get up at 7am. Around 8am we open the shop and start to prepare it for the day. We set up the jewelry and books on the table and hang up the clothes.


Me: What are your days like?

Gita: You never know. Sometimes busy, sometimes boring. It really depends on the season and the people.


Me: Which is the busiest season of the year?

Gita: Around Christmas and January. That’s when most people come.


Me: When does your job end?

Gita: Never 🙂 There is always something to do.


Me: What do you love about your job?

Gita: Everything! … I have no choice


Me: But there must be something you don’t like?!

Gita: … if cusomers come in and don’t buy anything. Or when they come in and make a mess – take out this, take out that, then leave and go. It makes me sad and mad


Me: When did you start this shop?

Gita: You mean for how many years I already have this shop? 9 years


Me: May I ask how old you are?

Gita: I’m 29 🙂


I stayed around this place for over a month and started to shop regularly at her shop. She inspired me with her passion and her kindness. She was a sales-woman to the core – she knew how to attract people, how to make them buy, how to comfort them and most importantly knew how to make profit. She was smart, but friendly with all her heart.

Her story inspired me a lot, and I hope it also inspires you!

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