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Day 10 was the last day of our France Tour. We already started the day before to make our way up north, back home. 

We put Grenoble as the last city to visit during this stay. 

Again, before we arrived we had no idea what sights there were, what the absolute must visits were or what to do, but as always things just happen the right way 😉 

Grenoble is a pretty big city placed in a valley with mountains to its sides.

the street we came in


Fort de la Bastille

I highly recommend starting off with the Fort de la Bastille. It is a huge fortress up the hill and therefore offers a breathtaking view towards mountains and over city. 

From up there you get a great overview of the city and a picture of where what is located.

There are a few different ways to get yourself up there. 

1. One of them is to leave the car down in the city and walk one of the many hiking trails. If you choose this option there is a parking lot left hand side in terms of the fortress. One of the trails begins there.

If hiking is not so much of your thing, options 2 and 3 will be for you.

2. I don’t know if that’s really an official way to get up there, but on the right when driving towards the fortress there is a street leading up that you could drive with the car. Not many signs tell you where the “entrance” is, which I totally understood once we were on the street: a tiny narrow road, just wide enough to barely fit one car through with a slope of 30% is the only way for cars to get up there. I totally loved that way, but probably only because it wasn’t me who was the one behind the staring wheel 😉 This option is the the cheapest as the parking lot up there is free of charge – they probably thought “if people made their way up there, we don’t want to also charge them money” just kidding haha 🙂

3. And finally the most fancy way is to use the cable railway. With a pricing of 8,50€ it definitely is the most expensive one, but also the most spectacular one – by basically flying above the river up the hill with an incredible view I totally see why so many people choose this special option.


Up there you could easily spend a whole day. Tons of hiking options and pathways leading through the whole areal leave one with enough to explore for a whole week alone probably.

While kids spend their time in the climbing park, adults can enjoy the view in one of the roof top restaurants.

Funnily enough we made it to the town again exactly the right day and time. Just as we arrived up on the mountain the first participants of the Ultra tour 4 massifs started racing by. It is a race over 5 days in Grenoble where runners of stages all the way to extreme can pick different distances to run. We saw them on their last 5 kilometers – super crazy and inspiring!


Down in the old part of the city we weren’t able to find any free parking spots. So we finally gave up the search and paid the 1,50€ per hour and with that for the first time on our last day spend money on parking 😉 Tip: if you have a whole day and would like to be physical active, you could park the car up at the fortress, and then walk on of the hiking trails down into the city.

The whole city is much much bigger than I had thought. Even only the old historical part is huge with sights all over the place.

In general it can be said that there are lots of big places with churches, restaurants and cafes and quite a lot of parks and green areas lots with flowers that make this city really green and much more beautiful. 

The old buildings, such as the market areal, fountains or the law buildings, give the city their special atmosphere.

Ps: notice the huge castle up the hill in the background – Fort de la Bastille


A public railway takes the people through the whole city.

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