Gordes || France

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Next and last destination for this day was a city called Gordes. 


A few kilometers outside towards north-west there is the abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque.

It is at the bottom and in between two mountains. Before driving down, there is a parking lot from where you can glance at the building from above. 

Once down there, it is surrounded by lavender fields. One just got harvested as we arrived – super interesting to watch. 

To enter the abbat they charge you 7.50€, but at least the parking is for free. Because we are cheap travelers we one walked around the building and then watched the farmer harvesting his lavender field haha! Yet there is a huge church in which you can enter for free. It is located on the back of the abbay.

From there we drove up the tiny streets back to Gordes. Gordes is build right into the facade of a mountain and therefore really impressive to look at from the outside. 

Compared to the other cities I didn’t find much structure in its Centre.

One of the sights I guess was a massive fort.


There are lots of tiny alleys with shops and restaurants leading all over the town.

A few view points allow a great view of the Toskana resembling landscape.


Right in the middle there is the home to an impressive and really luxurious 5 star hotel. I couldn’t stop staring into its entrance and swore to myself that one day if I have a lot of money I will come back 😉

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