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In a previous blog post I mentioned the huge gap between poor and rich. Not only is this division clearly visible when it comes to where people live, but also where they eat.

In Delhi we have been invited to a Champagne brunch in an extremely nice and luxurious building. Once entered the complex with water fountains, blossoming gardens, pools and golfing areas, I couldn’t believe I was in India where poverty, hunger and dirt exist just on the other side of the fence. And this surely was not the only de luxe complex.


Contrary to such locations and numerous 5 star hotels and restaurants, which offer international cuisine, India doesn’t lack of street food booths, which some define as a must-have.

I definitely recommend trying (and falling in love :)) with the Indian food, but I would be careful with foods purchased at such street booths.

There is a saying: “peel it, cook it, or leave it”, and I believe there is some truth to it.


With a lot less worries about either spending a fortune or getting sick, tourists may eat in small restaurants or casual eating places, which can be found on virtually every street corner.

For food lovers India will be a paradise. To prepare their dishes natives use locally available vegetables and fruits, and for that special something spices and herbs are made use of.

The variety of dishes is incredible and the taste so real – as I am just thinking of it right now my mouth is watering.

Even vegetarians and vegans have plenty of options to choose from. Influenced by religious and cultural choices the Indian cuisine provides a lot of vegetarian meals.

So food is for sure a topic travellers don’t need to worry about – from super cheap to ridiculous expansive, from yummy locally fruits over delicious Indian food to international cuisine. I urge you to try as many different dishes as possible to experience the country from all sides 🙂

Be safe and have a great time!!

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