Fontvielle || France

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Initially we only put Fontvielle on our traveling route because we wanted to drive through the area it is located in. We didn’t research the city at all, and when we first arrived were a little shocked by how different the landscape suddenly looked like – lots of industrial fields and no trace of the Provencial atmosphere. 

But we decided to stay for a break anyway.  (Especially during the afternoon hours during the middle of the summer there is such a heat that even resting in the shades gets you exhausted haha)

Just outside and a little South of the city Centre we came across three parking lots that surround the area of a memorial of veterans from WWII within a meadow of olive trees – voila, our siesta spot for this day.

After the city’s first not too attractive and special looking like impression, it suddenly and for some reason got quite pretty at the second glance.

Such a cute old house in the middle of the street with the brand new post sign

Once recharged with new energy we took a look around the city and found colorful tiny flags all over the place and up in between the streets. An empty market hall right next to a church and cute little restaurants with 1-2 people in front turned this place into a picture looking like provincial town.

In a little fruit and veggie shop that don’t even exist that way back home anymore we filled up our stocking of olives again – hmm they are so delicious in this area!

Very unexpectedly we stumbled upon a little, beautiful, remote castle up the hill eastbound calles Le Château de Montauban. The narrow street “Chemin de Montauban” up the hill on the right side from d17 going east, will take you up to the castle. In its parking lot one probably will have a great siesta break as well – it’s all about siesta spots hehe

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