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Cinque Terre town number 2 is Vernazza, a very beautiful and charming little city. Even though it is very touristic and crowded it maintained its charm and beauty.


The steep and narrow serpentines can’t be driven all the way down into the city. Cars have to be parked either in a parking lot – which costs 2€ per hour – or in bays at the roadside – which are rare. Once passed a sign that says “residents only” one has to be aware that parking the car there, may result into paying 85€ of a parking ticket.

tiny streets

(with steep and narrow serpentines I really do mean steep and narrow. Sometimes parts of the road were missing or all different kinds of vegetation made its way into the street. Italian roads are always an adventure itself)


After the car is parked and you’ve walked down to the city (or easily arrived by train), a great spot to get an overview of the city and the ocean, as well as a great place to take amazing pictures is the castle Castello Doria.



On the way down the stairs through the alleys one will walk by small restaurants and little shops with a beautiful atmosphere.

Sights such as the church and the castle, opportunities to swim, lovely restaurants and cafes as well as food and souvenir shops offer something for every person.

A small tunnel connects the city with a beach, and even the stones right by the harbour and main Piazza are used for sun bathing. And for those that already are way to hot, sunshades in front of restaurants, as well as the alleys between the houses provide shade to relax for a few minutes.


In the following I named 7 must-do’s and see’s while in Vernazza that I find need to be explored:


  1. Castello Doria

castello doria

The entrance fee is as little as 1,50€ and definitely worth the money.


  1. Small restaurants and cafés that all spread such a relaxing charm

small restaurants


  1. Tiny alleys



  1. The centre


In my opinion Vernazza got the most compact centre. The train station is located in the middle of the centre and the main street, or rather alley, is decorated and adorable. It leads directly towards the harbour and the beautiful main Piazza.


  1. The harbour/Piazza


At the end of the town centre right by the shore, the lovely Piazza and the harbour blend into each other. Surrounded by lovely cafés and restaurants they become one.


  1. Church


Right beside the harbour resides the church Santa Margherita di Antiochia. The entrance is free


7. “Grotto”


To my mind the small tunnel connecting the centre with the beach looks like an entrance to a grotto. If you come from the train station and keep walking towards harbour, you need to turn to your left and follow the path through some kind of archway in the stone, and voila you’re there 🙂



If you’ve already been there and would like to share your experiences, or got something to add I would be happy to read about it in the comments. Feel free to take a look around this blog to seek some travel tips and guides.


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