City Travel Guide: Monterosso

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Continuing to drive from Levanto, the first of the 5 towns that together are Cinque Terre is Monterosso. Small serpentines lead down to city #1, and actually allow tourists, and all kind of travellers, to drive down all the way – which is not always the case in all of the other cities.

Once successfully driven the narrow streets, it even gets smaller and the only place to park the car is the parking lot that demands 1,80€/h. Since Monterosso is a dead end and not directly connected with any other city, cars have to turn at the shore.



Between the colourful houses and the sea, beach chairs on the sand shore invite for relaxation.



Compared to the other cities of Cinque Terre, I found this one to be very calm and almost the exact opposite of crowded and touristic. The restaurants in the centre weren’t packed and the streets weren’t overloaded with people. It almost got a sleepy atmosphere.



As we drove back up to the main street, we followed a sign that led us to a quiet cemetery. The street was as wide that our car only just squeaked through. There is a parking lot where one can leave the car for an hour.

A trekking trail runs around the cemetery which then turns into stairs leading down to the city and the beach.



From the little church right behind the cemetery one got a marvellous view over the landscape.




If you’ve already been there and would like to share your experiences, or got something to add I would be happy to read about it in the comments. Feel free to take a look around this blog to seek some travel tips and guides.

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