City Travel Guide – Corniglia

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When taking the train to Corniglia, town #3, passengers arrive at the train station a little outside and below the actual city.



A walkway, which then turns into stairs, leads up the hill through beautiful scenery.



The effort and sweat of walking into the city is paid off the latest at the last step. The view over the surrounding hills, the shore and the light blue water in combination with the athletic activity, of walking up the stairs, is literally breathtaking 😉



Yet for those who can’t or simply don’t want to walk all those stairs, shuttle buses pick up tourists right in front of the train station and drop them off on top of the hill.


Once arrived in the city, I found the alleys were even smaller than the ones in the other towns. However, in my opinion is Corniglia not as compact and the sights are more spread out.

The main alley leading through the colourful houses just stopped at the ocean with no platform, piazza, promenade or some kind of trail that would allow an overview.



On our way back to the train station we stopped at the small Piazza with the even smaller church S. Pietro.



If you’ve already been there and would like to share your experiences, or got something to add I would be happy to read about it in the comments. Feel free to take a look around this blog to seek some travel tips and guides.

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