Impressions of Shanghai, China

  My first trip to China should be a few days stay in China’s largest city: Shanghai. All the other destinations in Asia I have been to were hot and humid, but looking at the temperature of Shanghai, it was hardly above freezing point – I had no idea what to expect. So I packed […]

An interview with an Indian shop owner – Gita’s story

During my stay at Agonda beach I met a young lady who owned 2 shops along the only street that led through the little town. She was known among the visitors and travellers for her good prices. Gita and her husband run the two shops with such joy and honest smiles that I wanted to […]

Food in India

In a previous blog post I mentioned the huge gap between poor and rich. Not only is this division clearly visible when it comes to where people live, but also where they eat. In Delhi we have been invited to a Champagne brunch in an extremely nice and luxurious building. Once entered the complex with […]

The streets of India

Compared to Australia, European countries as well as northern America, Asia is very very different. A lot of the citizens live in poverty, streets are crowded and dirty often times, and tradition and culture couldn’t be more unlike.   Personally Asia fascinates me – with all its colors and intense smells, the friendliness of the […]

2 weeks India – what to see and do

India is a really big country and if you don’t want to spend most of your time on the plane or in a car hurrying to get to places, then I recommend to pick a part of the country and only travel through this specific area. India is just way too big to see everything […]

Travel Tips for India

Know what you want to see and experience Do some researches about what India has to offer and spend some good time thinking about what you want your trip to be like. Would you rather see the countryside, relax at beaches, become part of their traditions, or would you rather travel to the big cities […]

How to get around in Delhi

HOHO bus HOHO means “hop on hop off” and is a sightseeing route covering important tourist destination. Visitors are able to hop on or hop off at any stops along the way and visit the sights that are located on the route. From 8am till 8pm every 30 minutes a bus stops at the bus […]

16 sights to visit in Delhi, India

Old Delhi(=walled city) The lively, chaotic Old Delhi with its narrow alleys, founded in 1639, is a must to visit. Back then chic gardens, mosques and mansions as well as elegant people dominated the cityscape. Nowadays it is a pretty crowded area with a rustic charm, narrow lanes and tiny shops, and an important part […]

Transportation Cambodia

  If you aren’t planning on renting a car, or don’t know anybody who would send a driver, there are two options to choose from:   Tuk Tuk A big decision maker whether to take a taxi or ride the tuk tuk is the amount and size of your luggage. A tuk tuk is not […]

Wi-Fi or SIM card?

  First I planned on buying a SIM card with data, just to stay in touch and be able to make calls. But then I didn’t buy one the first few days (and survived 🙂 ), and asked myself: who would I be calling in Cambodia? Till then I already came around a bit, have […]

What is Cambodia like?

  Climate The Cambodian year is split in only two seasons – dry and rainy season. While it is raining every day during the months Mai till October, the country dries out throughout the rest of the year. Based on the proximity to the equator, the climate is tropical and humid with relatively steady temperatures […]

Weather and climate – when to travel to Cambodia?

  Different from Europe and North America, Cambodian climate is tropical and very humid. Based on its close location to the equator the temperature barely alternates in the course of the year, and characterizes the Cambodian year with only 2 seasons. The months from Mai till October are contingent on rainy season. This however does […]

21 pictures that make you want to visit Cambodia

Pictures say more than a thousand words, so simply have a look how beautiful this country is – and better start saving right now because by the end of the post you want to visit Camobdia 🙂                                     […]

12 travel tips for Cambodia

  Language There is definitely no need to worry about the language if you can speak and understand English – but I guess that is no problem for you since you are reading this 😉 Even though the national language is Khmer and consists of total different signs and letters, everyone’s English is good enough […]

10 things to think about before you’re off to Cambodia

  Visa Besides the flight ticket the visa is the most crucial thing you need to have if you plan on actually staying in Cambodia 🙂 Nevertheless it actually is possible to obtain your visa upon arrival at the airport or at some borders. But for those who like to have everything planned in advance […]

16 things to do in Cambodia

  The cities probably every tourist travels to, are Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. That’s exactly what I did with the only difference that I also spent one week in the very north of the country in a volunteer camp.   Siem Reap I spent 9 days in Siem Reap at 4 different stays […]

Packing list for Asia

What to consider in advance O passport O apply for e-Visa O check immunitation card O buy flight ticket O health insurance O 10 days before: start drinking artemisia tea O copy important documents   Carry-on luggage = small backpack O passport O flight ticket O important phone numbers O visa/credit card O cash (US-dollar) […]