9 Places you’ll love visiting on your trip to Boston

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Boston… Wow! This city really surprised me in all ways. I seriously started to wonder why no one is talking crazy about it. It is such a beautiful and special city.



I guess what fascinated me so much is that even though it is a huge city with skyscrapers all over the place, so many people and lots of traffic; it somehow kept its very unique charm. Tiny streets, big history, incredibly friendly people, large parks and beautiful houses are just a few things from top of my head.


If you’re going to travel there, get excited 🙂


The 9 places I’m about to share with you are in logical order in terms of location. If you start at number 1 and finish at 9, places 2 and 8 will be along the way there.


1// Skywalk Observatory

The Skywalk Observatory enables visitors to get an all-around-view of Boston from above.

I put it as number 1 as I always enjoy getting an overview of the place I’m touring first thing.

A ticket to enter costs $20 for adults. Check skywalkboston.com for more information on prices.


2// Boston Public Library

At first I didn’t think I would stop there. But in the end I am really happy I did, for a few reasons.

Reason 1: It was about -7°C during my stay in Boston and I was freeeezing despite the many layers of clothes I was wearing. I was happy to escape into a warm room for a bit.

Reason 2: It is free.

Reason 3: You just have to see this. Floor above floor, room after room, aisle after aisle full of books… and more books. It is a public space where everyone can just walk in, grab a book, sit down in one of the many comfy chairs, lean back and start reading. How amazing is this place?


3// Trinity Church

On your way from the Library to Boston Public Garden you will pass this church. Isn’t the contrast between such an old brick building and such a new, modern glass skyscraper just crazy?


4// Boston Public Garden

While walking around the park I wondered if I just got sent back in time during my stay in New York and landed in Central Park. Just kidding right here, but seriously there are some similarities between those two gardens.


  • George Washington Statue


  • Make Way for Ducklins


5// Beacon Hill

In my opinion this is a must do!! I get so excited just thinking about this place – it put me in completely awe.

Beacon Hill is a neighbor hood with beautiful houses and an incredible atmosphere. Even though it is right beside downtown, it is really quiet, traditional and somehow off the beaten path. While I was walking through the streets I only here and there came across another person. Every single person that crossed my path was incredibly friendly and wished me a great day and seemed truly happy to see me 🙂 What a special place..

I would suggest just spending your time walking around this neighborhood for a while and exploring the cute streets.

One street I found particular special is Acorn Street. If you happen to find yourself in Beacon Neighboorhood, this one is also worth a visit.

Acorn Street


6// Boston Common

Boston Public Garden and Boston Common are two parks which are only seperated by one street.


  • Parkman Bandstand


  • Soldiers & Sailors Monument


  • Frog Pond

In winter this is an ice skating area.


7// Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a red-lined path leading past historic locations all over downtown Boston. My tip: Wear comfortable shoes as this trail is a little over 2 miles long. If you are up to discovering America’s history, this is your address.


8// Faneuil Hall Marketplace


9// Harbour




More about Boston:



If you happen to travle here during winter, be prepared to be welcomed to the cold. Even at the end of March it was below the freezing point the whole day. While the sun might be out and shining, the air is still darn cold.



I decided to tour Boston by myself and really get to know the people there. Everyone I came across was extremely friendly and polite. People were smiling and nodding at me, wishing me a great day and starting random conversations. Somehow Boston and its people to managed to keep a small town atmosphere in such a huge town.



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