1-on-1 coachings

Areas of offered coachings

1. Nutrition – food for the body

# Eating right for your body type.

* Disclaimer: On this website and my Instagram, I’m mainly sharing what works for me (or experimenting around based on the knowledge I gained over the last years). We are all individual – everyone is different & needs different things. If it doesn’t feel good to you, it’s probably not good for you.

If you want to make changes in your diet / lifestyle, either do profound research yourself, or reach out for professional support from someone you trust and got the knowledge, focusing on YOUR needs and getting clear on what works specifically for YOU in 1-on-1 sessions! *


I’m offering 1-on-1 coachings where together we focus on YOU! I will be your guide on the side, always there to support you, but you will walk your path. All the answers already lie within us, sometimes we just need help to dig them out and someone to keep us accountable.

Example areas of a coching session are:

  • helping you find a diet & lifestyle that works for you
  • transitioning to a vegan diet
  • transitioning to a gluten-free diet
  • brining your body back into balance (adopting a diet that helps bring your dosha (ayurveda body type) back in its balance)
  • cooking inspiration, grocery shopping hacks and food preparation tips


2. Soul foods – food for the soul

# Life areas affecting health & happiness.

Those are more important than the acutal food we consume – we can eat as healthy as possible, but if those areas are out of balance, we will continue to feel unhappy, unhealthy and unsatisfied.

The 4 soul food areas are:

  • career
  • relationships / social life
  • life path & goals
  • finances

Also for this category 1-on-1 coachings are offered. With the help of various tools, we’ll first figure out which areas are out of balance and then set up a plan to get them back on track, for a happy, smooth and easy life.


If you are interested, please reach out to me via the contact form or send me a dm on Instagram @sarahgluschke


Prices & duration

Diet and soul food 1-on-1 coachings are FREE of charge.

You may ask how and why, and where is the scam.. There is none! Let me explain…


It is up to you, how many sessions you would like to schedule. The maximum duration for one program is 6 months, with calls every other week – which summs up to max. 12 sessions à 60 minutes.


As I mentioned before, the coaching calls are completely free of charge but rather based on your experience and a donation of your choice. After our last session, you pay as much (or as little) as you think this experience was worth it.

The reason behind this: Most of us have areas in our lives we would like to work on. Often times we feel stuck, overwhelmed, unispired or lost. We are all just human beings and everyone knows something someone else doesn’t. I believe in helping each other out – sharing our knowledge with each other and supporting each other.

Last year I graduated as a holistic health coach where I learned techniques, different approaches and ways, and much new knowledge which I would love to share with someone who could use it.

We all come from different living situations which is why I loved the idea of making this program accessible for everyone – it is up to you, how much you want and can give back.

I believe in helping each other out and spreading the love.

But as much as I love helping others out and offering this service for free, we all have to pay our bills (me included). While I don’t want to make you pay a certain price for this service, I kindly ask you for a donation of any kind according to your experience. I believe it is a win-win situation for both of us.


How to continue

Feel free to reach out to me, to schedule a 100% free – get to know each other – call. I would love hearing from you.



Much love,